eBook: Best Practices & Tips for Effective Sales Negotiations

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Summary: Negotiations don’t have to be stressful, contentious affairs. Yes, there’s a lot riding on the outcome of a sales negotiation. But, just think of it as one more chance to uncover opportunities to provide value to the customer. The secret to effective sales negotiations is all based on knowing what the customer is trying to accomplish, converting demands into needs, and then demonstrating and justifying your value. By honing their negotiation skills and techniques, sales professionals can increase the profit margin as a result of strong customer relationships, learning to handle price resistance and objections more effectively. These essential steps can help to make sure that no money is left on the table or, conversely, that no undue discounting occurs.

This eBook provides guidelines, tips, and best practices in negotiations that sellers can follow to start experiencing more win-win outcomes in their client conversations, ultimately benefiting your profit margin improvement strategies.

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