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Video: A Sneak Peak Into The High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Programme

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high stakes consultative sales dialogues


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Richardson Sales Performance’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues programme builds advanced selling skills. It is targeted at sales professionals who have mastered the fundamentals of selling and want to provide high-impact value for their customers.

Providing high-impact value often means the sales professional must be comfortable and proficient in engaging their customers in high-risk, high-reward sales conversations.

In this video, Richardson Sales Performance’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Tiné, shares insights into the importance of the programme and provides a sneak preview of some of the dialogue models taught in the course.

When a high-stakes dialogue is executed well, the sales professional is likely to be viewed as more trustworthy and more differentiated by the customer. If the dialogue is executed poorly the sales professional is likely to fall victim to one of the many pitfalls and traps associated with this type conversation.

Asserting a Point of View

One of the dialogues explored in the programme is asserting a point of view or perspective. This skill is important because the role of selling has shifted from informing customers to educating them. Customers want partners on their buying journey who bring ideas to the table that help them make sense of a complex buying landscape.

The ability of a sales professional to assert a point of view or perspective based on their experience and expertise goes a long way in helping buyers make a purchase decision.

In the High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues programme sales professionals learn to assert a point of view by using contrast.

A simple example of contrast is pointing out the pros and cons of a solution, but there are many other contrasts a seller might employ to add additional context to the conversation – a few of these include exploring the known and hidden costs or expected outcomes and hidden consequences of a solution.

Aligning Stakeholders

Dialogues designed to drive stakeholder alignment is another model explored in the programme. According to the Harvard Business Review, on average, there are almost 7 stakeholders involved in a purchase decision. In the modern selling environment, navigating these stakeholders and getting them to the same place makes the difference between driving momentum towards the close of the sale and a stalled deal.

The High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues programme teaches sellers to diagnose where stakeholder misalignment is occurring and effectively bring the misalignment to light in a safe and neutral manner.  Done correctly, this demonstrates that the sales professional’s goal is to facilitate the internal conversation and resolve roadblocks in a manner that is in the customer’s best interest.  This also helps the seller continue to build momentum to the close of the sale.

To learn more about Richardson Sales Performance’s High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues programme contact us or download a programme brochure.

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High-Stakes Consultative Dialogues Training Programme Brochure

Build advanced sales skills to help your team manage high-risk, high-reward conversations with customers.


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