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Unlock Sales Success with ChatGPT

Sales performance improvement

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Unlock Sales Success with ChatGPT: Four Strategies and Prompts for Effective Selling

In today's competitive business landscape, sales leaders are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance their effectiveness and outperform the competition. Introducing ChatGPT, a powerful tool to aid future sales success. By leveraging ChatGPT's capabilities, business leaders can streamline their sales processes, save valuable time, and focus on actually selling to customers.

We put together four strategies that highlight the transformative potential of ChatGPT in sales. These strategies enable sales professionals to expedite customer research, create comprehensive account plans, derive fresh value from existing content, and craft compelling communication. With ChatGPT as their trusted ally, business leaders can take their sales efforts to new heights, surpassing competitors and achieving extraordinary outcomes.

Discover how using ChatGPT for sales productivity empowers sellers to maximise efficiency, elevate their approach, and revolutionize their results.

1. Generate Better and Efficient Research

Sellers understand the importance of preparation. Collecting and sifting through information to find key points is time-consuming, especially with large and complex companies. Using ChatGPT for sales research dramatically quickens and organizes this process.

To start, sellers can request a summary of key challenges within a prospect's industry or a list of published reports on those challenges. If the company is publicly traded, sellers can paste the link to the company's 10K filing and request a bullet-point summary of major findings. Additionally, ChatGPT can generate an annotated list of articles and press releases mentioning the customer's company.

This approach automates research, providing sellers with valuable time to strategize and craft compelling messages. To begin your research, try entering the following prompts to ChatGPT:

  • Generate a list of key changes within the following industry.
  • List all published reports and survey data on the following challenges.
  • Create a list of articles and press releases mentioning the following company.
  • Summarise key points of the following 10K filing.

2. Create More Comprehensive Account Plans

Creating an effective account plan involves understanding the customer's strategic goals and what different stakeholders consider important. It requires extracting important details from vast amounts of information, and ChatGPT can assist.

To use ChatGPT for sales account planning, sellers can ask the programme to summarise discovery call transcripts. This helps them better understand key points made by the customer in an easy-to-skim format. ChatGPT can also isolate the words the customer used most often, revealing their primary goals and concerns.

Additionally, sellers can request a list of research sources showing key challenges, by role, that industry executives are facing. ChatGPT can also assist with white space analysis by summarizing operational and R&D drivers cited in annual reports of publicly traded companies in the customer's industry. For the most accurate results, provide the links, as ChatGPT can only retrieve data before 2021.

Try using the following prompts to utilize ChatGPT to create account plans:

  • Summarize the contents of the following call transcript.
  • Generate a list of key responsibilities, by role, of executives in the following industry.
  • What are the key business plans cited in the following annual report?

3. Derive New Value from Existing Content

Sellers often have access to marketing assets like white papers, case studies, and eBooks. Extracting key points from these assets to fit a customer's limited schedule can be time-consuming. ChatGPT offers a solution.

ChatGPT can summarise content in seconds. Sellers can input marketing content and ask for a summary within a specific word count. Then, they can adjust and edit the shortened version to customize it to their needs. Furthermore, ChatGPT can format long-form content into a simplified, bulleted list.
This approach enables sellers to repurpose existing content effectively. A lengthy white paper can swiftly transform into a concise "Top Three Takeaways" piece. An eBook can be converted into an email, and a case study can be repackaged as a compelling social media post. Sellers are no longer required to sift through extensive material to extract the essential ideas; ChatGPT can handle this task efficiently.

Try using this strategy by Inputting the following prompts:

  • Summarise the following into a 100-word piece of text
  • Provide three alternative subject headlines for the following
  • Generate a social media post of 15 words based on the following text
  • Assess the tone of the following email text

4. Generate Communication that is More Concise and Compelling

Effective written communication plays a crucial role in sellers' interactions with customers. Sellers must craft persuasive proposals, draft emails outlining next steps, and record comprehensive discovery notes. However, sellers often lack the time to edit and revise their written content, resulting in lengthy, repetitive, or uninteresting text. They need a solution that allows them to draft customer-focused, clear, and compelling messages. That's where ChatGPT can help.

By inputting their initial drafts into ChatGPT, sellers can request revised versions with a straightforward tone. They can also seek assistance in making the text concise or rewriting it with a more approachable style. In some cases, sellers may simply need ChatGPT to generate an appealing introduction to their existing content.

ChatGPT performs best when given specific material to work with. It may be less effective in generating full texts from a single prompt. However, providing ChatGPT with specific text to revise yields superior results. Leverage the suggested prompts to unlock the immense potential of ChatGPT:

  • Convert the tone of the following to plain language.
  • Optimise the email for better conversion and suggest a new headline.
  • Generate an alternate call-to-action (CTA) to what is written here.
  • Write a catchy introduction to the following text.

Artificial Intelligence is heavily impacting businesses across the globe, and it’s here to stay. Start harnessing its power by using ChatGPT for your sales processes. Use these four strategies to embrace the power of ChatGPT, master its application, and revolutionize your sales approach. By learning to navigate this tool, you can revolutionise your sales efforts, gain back precious time for your sellers, and streamline success.

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