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Common Mistakes of New Sales Managers

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agrodnitzky7 October 2013Blog

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High performing sales managers are often tempted to step into the role of a sales manager.  While this career move is exciting, making the transition is often more difficult than many imagine.

Some common mistakes made by new sales managers include:

  1. Playing the role of the hero by jumping into to save their sales representatives from losing the deal instead of coaching their team members to improve their ability to close deals independently.
  2. Not understanding how to properly manage their time.
  3. Postponing coaching conversations until the later stages of the sales cycle
In this video, Richardson Sales Performance's CMO, Andrea Grodnizky explores why these mistakes are made and shares advice for overcoming them.

Train your sales managers to be more effective and drive scalable results by partnering with Richardson Sales Performance to build a customised sales coaching training program.

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