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Video: Effective & Ineffective Examples of Trading in Negotiations

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27 April 2022Blog

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Maximising the value of the deal means knowing how to trade effectively. A strong trading strategy also enables the seller to maintain the momentum of the sale even when the customer presents late-stage demands. 

Watch the video below for an example of a seller employing an effective trading strategy.  To see what ineffective trading looks like continue scrolling to the second video in this blog.

Effective Trading in Negotiations

The video above provides an example of a seller seizing the opportunity to bring strong trading skills to a high-stakes negotiation. Here we show why:

  • Overcoming pricing demands means exploring the customer’s unspoken needs
  • Building and maintaining a rapport leads to mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Preserving the scope of the sale means asserting the value of the solution

Ineffective Trading in Negotiations

Trading is a crucial strategy in any negotiation. It’s also one that often goes overlooked.

Sellers need the skills to meet the customer’s needs while ensuring that the customer can offer something of equal value in return.

The video above offers a clear example of a seller missing an opportunity to bring strong trading skills to a high-stakes negotiation. 

It shows why:

  • A confident and prepared trading strategy is critical
  • Sellers need to balance what they give with what they get
  • Meeting the customer’s needs can be achieved with more than just pricing discounts
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