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Selling Challenges Brief: Gaining Higher Prices with Sharper Negotiation Skills

Factors like competition and commoditization are putting pricing pressures on sales professionals. Customers, armed with more information than ever before, are analyzing their options before their first conversation with the sales professional.

When the dialogue begins the customer’s expectations of costs are fixed. The challenge of gaining higher prices or even maintaining the full value of the sale is increasing.

This trend was a key finding in our 2018 Selling Challenges Study which included survey responses from hundreds of sales professionals across industries.

In our latest brief, Gaining Higher Prices with Sharper Negotiation Skills, we look at specific ways sales professionals can design a negotiation strategy that captures the full value of the deal. We cover skills like:

  • Build trust to overcome commoditization
  • Know the difference between concessions and trading
  • Overcoming deadlocks with conceptual buy-in
  • Promoting the value of the solution with “priming”

Check out the brief and jump-start your sales prospecting strategy today.

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Complimentary Brief: Gaining Higher Prices With Sharper Negotiation Skills
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