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Selling Challenges Brief: Creating a Targeted Prospecting Strategy

Technology is equipping sales professionals with more capabilities to source leads, but with more choices comes confusion. At the same time, more decision makers are entering the picture further complicating the prospecting process.

The result: creating a targeted prospecting strategy is becoming a major challenge for sales professionals today.

This trend was a key finding in our 2018 Selling Challenges Study which included survey responses from hundreds of sales professionals across industries.

In our latest brief, Creating a Targeted Prospecting Strategy, we look at specific ways sales professionals can develop routines that ensure the resources needed to pursue a lead are allocated wisely. We cover strategies like:

  • Asking a specific sequence of questions to determine the qualifications of a lead
  • Why sales professionals who prepare a “need benefit” statement get the customer’s attention
  • What to do when a hard-earned prospect disengages
  • What questions to ask when outlining best practices

Check out the brief and jump-start your sales prospecting strategy today.

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Complimentary Brief: Creating a Targeted Prospecting Strategy
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