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AmerisourceBergen's MWI Veterinary Supply Division Exceeds Fiscal Year Plan Objectives

The Challenge

AmerisourceBergen Corporation is an American drug wholesale company. They provide drug distribution and consulting related to medical business operations and patient services.

AmerisourceBergen was seeking a way to drive profitable growth within their MWI Veterinary Supply division. They recognized that doing so meant changing their go-to-market strategy because their end customers – animal owners – now think differently about their pet’s needs and how they manage them. Customers no longer meet those needs exclusively through their relationship with their veterinarian. Therefore, MWI needed a new value proposition for suppliers, veterinarians, and individual consumers.

The Results

Average Improvement in Sales Call Preparation Skills
Average Improvement in Engaging Customers in Needs Based Dialogues
Average Skill Improvement Across All Skills

During and following training the Companion Animal group exceed their plan objectives for the fiscal year 2020 at a significantly greater percentage than other teams that had yet to start sales training. This success maps directly to post-training skill assessment results that show the sales associates’  who participated in training had an initial, average proficiency of 61.95% across all skills targeted for improvement through the training program and that their post-training proficiency was 80.2% representing an average improvement of 29.8%.