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Richardson Launches the Accelerate Sales Performance System

accelerate sales performance system overview

May 7, 2024Press Release

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Richardson Unveils Revolutionary Metrics-Driven Sales Capability Building Solution

PHILADELPHIA, PA May 7, 2024- Richardson Sales Performance ("Richardson"), a global leader in sales training and performance improvement, proudly announces the launch of its new Accelerate Sales Performance System, a metrics-driven sales capability building solution that links rich analytics that reveal the most critical skill gaps impacting revenue with highly personalized training experiences to improve business outcomes.

The Accelerate Sales Performance System empowers revenue leaders to:

  • Gain Clarity: By organizing team performance data, businesses can now benchmark the current performance of every seller in their organization and get clear visibility into the top performance gaps impacting revenue results.
  • Define Commercial Excellence: Have a clear definition of what good seller behaviors look like and quantify the lost opportunity cost of skill deficiency by connecting performance metrics to observable behaviors.
  • Drive Performance: Provide precise, highly personalized development experiences that prioritize building the sales capabilities each seller needs to achieve their individual, role-based goals using Richardson’s best-in-class training methodology.

The launch of the Accelerate Sales Performance System builds upon Richardson's commitment to innovation and customer success. By combining cutting-edge technology from their recent acquisition of e4enable with its proven sales content and training, Richardson continues to empower revenue teams worldwide to achieve peak performance and drive sustainable growth.

"At Richardson, our mission is to deliver actionable solutions that drive real business results," stated John Elsey, President and CEO of Richardson. "The Accelerate Sales Performance System represents a paradigm shift in sales capability building; it shows how seller behaviors are impacting business metrics, guiding revenue leaders on where to focus to maximize impact. And they can see how their investments in the development of their revenue teams is paying off with clear ROI."

The Accelerate Sales Performance System offers:

  • Accelerate Insights: the engine that fuels focused capability development by correlating metrics to behaviors that influence them
  • Accelerate Learn: maps seller behaviors to modular, high-impact digital learning experiences
  • Accelerate Live: advances the behavior change cycle with coaching and live workshops
  • Accelerate Flow: extends the learning into the flow of work to cement new behaviors into lasting ones

Initial reactions from customers and prospects who were able to experience the new system at The RevEdge Summit in Chicago were extremely positive:

“Personalized learning experiences for sellers”
“Capability driven content for your teams”
“Dashboards for enablement leaders to identify opportunities, link to business impact”
“Leveraging data from your current tech stack to identify performance gaps”

For more information about the Accelerate Sales Performance System, contact us by clicking here.

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accelerate sales performance system overview

Brochure: The NEW Accelerate Sales Performance System

Download a complimentary brochure outlining Richardson's game-changing new solution that uses your data to inform personalized learning journeys for your team.


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