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Richardson Sales Performance Launches New Consultative Prospecting Program

Press Release

June 19, 2018Press Release

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Philadelphia, PA — June 19, 2018 — Richardson Sales Performance, a leading global sales training and performance improvement company, announced this month that it has launched a 2nd edition of its Consultative ProspectingProgram, a sales training solution that enables sales professionals with the skills to access decision makers and deliver messaging that compels. The result is more meetings scheduled with the right contacts.

The program address today’s prospecting challenges. As competition increases and buyers take more of the purchasing process into their hands, sales professionals need a better strategy for reaching the customer. Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Prospecting Program equips sales professionals with a more strategic approach that builds trust, adds value to the prospect, and creates a foundation for a win-win relationship. The new program offers specific steps for gaining the appointment, navigating gatekeepers, crafting a value statement, asking for referrals, and moving up the decision chain.

Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Prospecting Program is available as an online training program via Richardson Sales Performance’s digital learning platform, Richardson Sales Performance Accelerate™. The program is also available as a half day or full day Instructor-led training, and shows sales professionals how to:

  • Utilize consistent strategies, models, and skills for making more compelling prospecting calls
  • Deliver a tailored, needs-based message at the very start of the prospect dialogue using a point of connection and a persuasive Value Statement
  • Overcome the challenges posed by gatekeepers through effective strategies and best practices
  • Up-tier to senior decision makers in a way that leverages existing relationships and knowledge
  • Reach new opportunities by effectively asking for customer referrals
“Gaining access to decision-makers has become increasingly difficult with their attention fragmented across internal priorities and competitive pressures. This makes it even more important to make sure that sales professionals are prepared with a strategic approach that allows them to show up when it matters most – in front of your potential customers,” remarked Richardson Sales Performance’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Grodnitzky. She continues, “Richardson Sales Performance’s new Consultative Prospecting Program helps sales professionals drive better interactions with messaging that’s customized, and insightful, allowing them to pursue new business opportunities with existing or new customer.”

Learn more about the program by downloading a complimentary brochure by clicking here.

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