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The DNA of a Sales Dialogue

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A sales dialogue describes the dynamic communication process that occurs between a buyer and a seller where each party works to define and understand the buyer's needs and the ways the proposed solution will meet those needs.

Effective sales dialogues are heavily underpinned by open-ended questions where the sales professional probes deeply to gain an understanding of the buyer's needs, their buying process, and any unknown challenges or opportunities that not have been previously defined during the buyer's internal assessment of their requirements. Checking questions are also a key part of the sales dialogue. Checking questions are used to ensure both parties remain on the same page throughout the conversation.

The Secret to Effective Sales Communication

Most sales training providers teach you the WHAT – selling techniques, approaches or strategies.

These are important.

For example, we would all likely agree that it is important for a seller to gain as much information from a customer as possible about their needs and pain. That is a technique or approach that is usually taught. But the skill a seller uses in asking about those needs will determine the quantity and quality of information that the customer is willing to share in the moment.

Questioning skills like prefacing and trading teach a seller how to masterfully ask critical questions of customers in a way that demonstrates credibility, professionalism, thoughtfulness, and confidence. Techniques and approaches are no good without effective sales communication skills to execute them well!

In personal interactions, our ability to create a connected, insightful, engaging dialogue while effectively communicating differentiated value is key to establishing trust and building long-term relationships.

Have you ever watched two people in a conversation and just know that they clicked?

They were open, free-flowing, forthcoming, and engaged. Many think that this communication flow is an art form – a power or type of charisma that some possess and most don’t. But in truth, a good dialogue is about mastering the effective sales communication skills that allow a salesperson to own a sales dialogue without manipulation, understand needs while influencing perspectives, drive momentum while demonstrating customer focus, and above all build trust while making the sale! We teach salespeople to master dialogues so that they can lead them in a way that is genuine, credible, and differentiated.

We can see the DNA of a sales dialogue in real-time and can see when it goes off the rails. We know the failure points in a conversation and the ways to get it back on track. We know how to engage a customer in a way that demonstrates credibility and expertise yet communicates a desire to learn about them and acknowledges their unique challenges. Our dialogue approach builds trust, engages customers, leads to deeper discovery, and creates a collaborative path to close.

Like any skilled performer, there is a dramatic difference between good and great. Knowing what differentiates a good sales dialogue from a GREAT one can mean the difference in outselling a competitor or unearthing needs that the customer has traditionally kept close to the vest.

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