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Research: Best Practices in Design and Delivery of Sales Training Programs

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Summary: Following best practices in the design and delivery of sales training programs is critical to the success of any sales training initiative. Sales training has been a cornerstone of many organizations’ strategies to increase revenues and drive efficiency. However, the landscape of sales training is subject to constant change—whether from technology, buyer education, communication strategies, or training delivery methods. As markets continue to grow and evolve in complexity, learning leaders need to actualize their organizations’ initiatives to improve sales performance. This includes maintaining current sales training priorities, planning for future needs, keeping current with trends in sales training methods, deciding how to allocate training budgets, and leveraging external training providers. Training Industry, Inc. and Richardson Sales Performance conducted a study to examine the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and to look for patterns in how these organizations draw on external expertise to effectively lead them. In October 2014, 223 companies completed a survey reporting their organizations’ current and future strategies, training effectiveness, and best practices for sales training initiatives, this report summarizes the findings.

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