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Healthcare Sellers Need To Focus on Value

Over the last 10 years, selling in the Healthcare market has been a moving target based on regulatory changes. Add to that the current business environment and it is easy to see why many sales representatives are having trouble navigating the path to success.  However, at Richardson Sales Performance, we offer healthcare sales training that helps pilot the uncharted pathway to outperformance.

Consider this, the healthcare industry is a complex latticework of intersecting roads. Finding the right path to the sale is difficult. Much of this challenge stems from a broad decade-long, transition to value-based care systems. This framework provides incentives for health systems and HCPs to decrease the cost of care while providing better patient outcomes based on the best available clinical evidence. This move from volume to value puts greater pressure on healthcare providers to manage costs. Unfortunately, it also pushes many sales representatives to sell only on price as opposed to the value of their solution. This moves the average representative in opposite directions of the needs of HCP’s in today’s market.

As if adjusting to new business and practise models in healthcare is not enough, sales professionals accustomed to gaining face to face access must now engage healthcare stakeholders virtually. According to recent physician surveys, a majority believe that virtual engagements are here to stay meaning that representatives need to master new virtual selling skills.

Despite these challenges, sales organisations that adjust to meet the expectations of stakeholders in the healthcare market will differentiate themselves not only by what they sell but also how they sell. Additionally, they will deliver the exceptional customer experience that earns them the status of a trusted advisor.

The solution? Engage the buyer by exhibiting a deeper understanding of their problem.


At Richardson Sales Performance, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading healthcare organisations reinvigorate their sales force. How did we do it? We gave them the tools to identify the buyer’s needs more clearly.

A salesperson cannot position a solution without a detailed understanding of the problem. Diagnose before prescribing.

Supporting the need for this approach is research from Gallup showing that only 53% of B2B customers strongly agree that their supplier is a trusted adviser. Moreover, the rewards for sellers that can establish a trusting relationship are substantial. The same research illustrates that buyers who see their seller as a trusted advisor are 2.5x “more likely to say they are ‘extremely likely’ to repurchase the company’s products and services.”

The key is to form a connection with the buyer, understand their critical business/practice issues then marshal appropriate organisational resources to help them through the buying journey. We create customised sales training programmes suited to the seller’s specific area of the market. There are many ways forward, but there is only one that’s right for you.


Our healthcare sales training programmes enable sellers to leverage a buyer aligned sales process and a consultative dialogue to gain insights that they can use to match capabilities with customer needs and advance the sale.

Leverage Richardson Sales Performance’s resources to refocus your sales team on understanding the buyer’s needs and connecting organisational capabilities with HCP needs.

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