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Sales Training Buyer’s Guide

sales training buyers guide

richardsonsalestraining31 August 2015Blog

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Sales training programmes can easily provide a return on investment of 50x or more. However, not all sales training is the same. If not properly scoped or implemented, selecting a training option can result in a lot of time and money wasted. Your choice of a sales training provider is critically important to the success or failure of your initiative. In our experience, clients who achieve the most success are those who establish clear criteria before evaluating possible solution providers. For this reason, we have created a new Sales Training Buyer’s Guide.

The guide describes fifteen critical questions in four categories, enabling you to clearly identify and prioritise your needs. The guide also includes an evaluation grid for you to score potential providers consistently, then make an optimum choice.

This guide includes questions that help you to evaluate sales training options in four critical criteria:

  • Business Strategy Alignment

    These questions enable you to determine the degree that different training options align with your company’s business strategies and how your customers buy. They also provide criteria for weighing the ability of providers to align with your organisation’s industry, and with your marketing and sales support teams.

  • Process/Methodology Alignment

    These questions enable you to assess how well different training options support key sales processes and methodologies and integrate with existing methods and best practises. They also evaluate how well a provider can assess your sales team’s developmental needs and track improvement.

  • Management/Systems Integration

    These questions enable you to evaluate how well training providers can help your sales managers to coach and reinforce the expected new sales behaviours. They also help you determine how well different training providers can design and implement effective sales processes and methods for your organisation, and their ability to integrate with your CRM and sales enablement systems.

  • Global Access/Localisation Support

    These questions help you to weigh the ability of training providers’ options for content access, by using different modalities for delivery, and their ability to deliver content in local languages, with appropriate cultural nuances.

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Brief: Sales Training Buyer's Guide


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