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OUTFRONT Media Increases their Close Rate by 20%

The Challenge

OUTFRONT Media is one of the largest media companies in the US Nearly all of OUTFRONT Media’s Account Executives conduct their sales conversations by telephone and email. These forms of communication present a challenge because the company’s solutions are visual. This was a struggle for the sales organisation and led to many transactional conversations.

Leadership recognised that Account Executives needed a better way to approach buyers who have new expectations in a world of competing digital solutions that leverage ROI and data rationale. Sales Managers within the company also needed to reconfigure their approach. While they were helping Account Executives move their sales forward, they didn’t provide coaching that developed long-term skills and critical thinking.

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Our Approach

OUTFRONT Media partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to develop a blended learning sales training programme that brought to life a new sales strategy based upon the tenants of Richardson Sales Performance’s Consultative Selling Framework. With this client-focused approach, Account Executives took the time to learn more about their clients and how their clients found them. They leveraged a thorough questioning strategy in which they learnt the details behind the customer’s needs. Sales Managers participated in Consultative Selling and Developmental Coaching. They built the skill set to coach sales professionals to develop transferable skills, gain commitment to specific actions, hold people accountable for their commitments, and use data and observations to influence thinking.

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