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Sales Performance International Announces New Tools for SPI1

Press Release

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May 1, 2019 - Charlotte, NC - Sales Performance International (SPI), a global leader in sales performance improvement announced today the availability of  Sales Performance Tools as an extension to its SPI-1 Sales Performance Platform.

According to Robert Kear, SPI’s Chief Technology Officer, “One of the biggest challenges for sales organizations is ensuring that sales training translates into real application on-the-job.  We’re excited to be able to extend our performance technology with automated methodology templates and tools to ensure consistent, effective sales execution in the field.”

Sales Performance Tools are embedded in CRM at the opportunity level, and provide instant assistance for critical aspects sales execution, including:

  • Conversation Guidance: Automated conversation guides provide sellers with instant access to marketing approved pains, reasons, questions to ask, and simple ways to convey your key capabilities.
  • Strength-of-Sale Validation: Strength of sale validation provides an objective assessment of opportunities to guide coaching strategy and develop a plan to win each opportunity.
  • Customer Collaboration Plan: An automated collaboration template provides an intuitive approach to build and share a mutually agreed upon plan with your buyer, so that you can share a joint strategy for success.
  • Automated Communications Templates: Automated communications templates ensure that critical business issues, reasons, and capabilities are conveyed in a logical manner to the buyers.
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