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Sales Performance System

Richardson’s Sales Performance System (SPS) is a proven, end-to-end integrated process that Richardson uses to diagnose your needs and develop truly customized solutions that lead to sustained sales performance improvement. Our system enables you to focus on critical sales methodologies and skills that change behavior, improve performance, and drive results. Specifically, the SPS:

  • Ensures the readiness of your sales organization — its processes, methodology, and talent
  • Accelerates the development and performance of your team — through highly relevant training
  • Achieves sustained performance improvement — through coaching, reinforcement, and CRM-embedded tools

Download Our Sales Training Curriculum Map

Click here to download a copy of Richardson's Curriculum Map or click on a link below to review each section of the Sales Performance System.

  • Readiness


    Read.I.ness [re-dé-nis] — preparation, aptitude, and willingness

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  • Development


    De.vel.op.ment [di-ve-lәp-ment] — bring to a more advanced or effective state

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  • Sustainment


    Sus.tain.ment [sә-stān-ment] — keep in existence, maintain, and nourish

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