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how SIG Combibloc improved sales team performance by partnering with Richardson

SIG Combibloc Success Story

SIG Combibloc improves win rates by 20%

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The Results

  • 7878/100 global average net promotor score

  • 20%20% increase in overall win rate

  • 8%8% increase in win rate for largest opportunities

The Challenge

In order to support top-line growth, global packaging company SIG Combibloc launched a commercial 5-year plan and teamed up with Richardson Sales Performance in 2020.

Our mutual goal: to build, deploy and implement a global Commercial Excellence programme powered by Richardson Sales Performance’s Solution Selling methodology.

With this initiative SIG Combibloc’s leadership wanted to:

  1. Bring more value to our customers, helping them to become more successful, through a better understanding of the needs of all stakeholders involved and by applying a collaborative approach to creating a joint vision of a solution
  2. Embed the Value-Based Solution Selling (VBSS) methodology into the daily “way of selling” at SIG Combibloc
  3. Strengthen and further capitalise on previous investments made into SIG Combibloc’s sales infrastructure (, sales and sales management processes)
  4. Ensure that SIG Combibloc would have the in-house expertise to successfully drive the implementation

The Solution

In August 2020 SIG Combibloc and Richardson Sales Performance initiated the Value-Based Solution Selling initiative. The initiative was built on 4 key pillars:

  1. Role-specific sales & sales management training that helps (a) Sellers to lead with, quantify and position value throughout the sales process, mitigate the buyer’s sense of risk, understand the modern buyer persona, and align sales conversations to different buyer states. (b) improved Sales Managers’ sales coaching, pipeline management, and opportunity review skills
  2. Alignment of the training methodology to and integration of key Solution Selling tools with SIG Combibloc’s CRM system
  3. Alignment with existing sales and sales management processes
  4. Certification of dedicated champions within SIG Combibloc’s organisation gearing them up to drive the implementation of the Value-Based Solution Selling methodology.

Consultants at Richardson worked with executives, commercial excellence, sales leaders, marketing, and experts at SIG Combibloc to ensure the initiative was customised to the specifics of the business and fully integrated within SIG Combibloc’s existing sales and sales management infrastructure.

The VBSS methodology supported sales professionals at SIG Combibloc to improve their skills on:

  1. Applying modern approaches to planning and demand creation
  2. Demonstrating techniques for conducting consultative sales conversations
  3. Positioning SIG Combibloc’s differentiators and value to all stakeholders involved
  4. Gaining access to decision-makers
  5. Having more control over the sales cycle
  6. Employing preparation and negotiating activities that lead to a close

This enabled the sales professionals in bringing more value throughout the sales cycle and applying a collaborative approach when jointly creating a solution addressing the customer’s needs.

Solutions that made this possible

solution selling training program

Solution Selling® Training

Solution Selling® is a high-performance sales execution methodology that helps sales professionals tap into their customer’s pain points by employing processes, tools, and critical skills development to keep the customer as the focus of every sales engagement.

creating a coaching culture

Sales Management Process

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agile sales coaching training program

Sprint Coaching™ At a Glance

Richardson’s sales coaching training programme, Sprint Coaching™, teaches an agile approach to sales coaching that turns professional development into an iterative and flexible process. It helps sales managers shift from being an expert who commands team members, to being a coach who empowers self-motivated learning and improved results.

crm selling tools

Account & Opportunity Planning CRM Workflow Tools

Discover CRM tools specifically designed to support your team's ongoing sales performance after training.