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Real Deal Coaching

Expert Sales Coaching from Richardson Trainers

Imagine you are in pursuit of the largest deal of your career. It is the night before your last meeting with key decision makers, when you and your teammates will have the final opportunity to uncover needs before you refine your solution and deliver the make-or-break oral presentation. You are preparing your questioning strategy and practicing objections … but you wish you could run through your approach with someone to make sure your strategic thought process and skills are at peak performance. Or, imagine you are preparing to make a key speech to an audience of more than 100 prospects and you know your message isn’t as persuasive as it could be. You know you’re not hitting the mark. You wish you had access to a last minute coach — a sales coaching expert to help you execute any phase of the sales cycle and take you to your next level of sales excellence.

Richardson’s Real Deal Coaching Programme helps ensure that learning is reinforced and that the sales skills, models, and frameworks taught through our classroom or web-based training are effectively applied to win business. The focus and format of the program is highly customised to your organisation’s needs.

Real Deal sales coach experts are available face-to-face, by telephone, or via web to individual salespeople or teams to help with any phase of selling, including prospecting, strategic dialogues, negotiation, presenting, or coaching. Participants can range from senior executives and sales management to salespeople and technical specialists.

Driving Real Results in the Field

This style of sales coaching advice is especially relevant when pursuing complex, high-priority, competitive opportunities. Individual sessions can range from one hour to a half-day and can be structured as one-time sessions or a series of multiple coaching sessions to best ensure that sales skills are sustained and embedded to create powerful behavioural change.

Business Benefits of the Real Deal Coaching Training Programme

  • Maximise return on investment made in classroom or web-based training
  • Enhance sales team’s performance at every stage of the sales cycle
  • Win more business from new clients while expanding business from current accounts

Learning Objectives of the Real Deal Coaching Training Programme

Real Deal Coaching is part of the learner’s journey:  while it helps to immediately effect change and drive business impact, it is also a powerful learning sustainment tool that supports the following learning objectives for your sellers:

  • Enhance the ability to apply skills, models, and frameworks learned in the classroom to real-life sales challenges
  • Help individuals or client teams win high-priority, competitive sales opportunities; negotiate fees; and/or make more compelling sales presentations and speeches
  • Build confidence — and thus sales performance — of sales professionals through the support of a personalised coach

Programme Delivery

Real Deal Coaching content is highly customised to any level, from new to experienced salespeople to technical experts, sales managers, and executive management. Our coaches are available for face-to-face, telephone, or web-based coaching sessions. Coaches can be made available on a schedule that best suits your sellers’ needs — from one-hour to half-day sessions or multiple sessions over time for maximum reinforcement. We can also recommend a wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning.