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graphic that reads "This is where weak points get the extra attention they need, this is where it gets real"

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The numbers are great. But they're not really the ones you're looking for. The survey shows your sales team loved the workshops. The speaker gave them high marks for their engagement. And every rep scored well on the modules.

But what you can't see is how all of this actually impacted things like win rates, sales velocity, and revenue.

It's nice to know how your team performed in the training, but where are the metrics on how they performed in the field? And do those numbers justify the amount you spent on sales training this year?

More visible progress

Instead of operating blindly, you need helpful metrics that are connected to your systems so you can see in real-time how your reps are impacting business outcomes.

Richardson you can get:

  • Embedding a systematic approach to measuring the effectiveness of your sales training programme in the immediate, short, and long term.
  • Providing dashboards to allow reps and their managers to easily assess skill gaps and get a plan of action to address them.
  • Offering real-time insights into engagement and performance with integrated assessments and surveys.
  • Tracking progress using technology that lets managers see exactly what skills their reps are working on.
  • Measuring how much and how often your reps are applying their new knowledge in the field

How we make progress visible

a puzzle-type piece graphic showing the three pillars or components that make up a sales training solution.  The 3 puzzle pieces are; more adaptable content, more useful technology, and more visible progress.

Click the links below to explore more.

More adaptable content.

Get content that builds agility and develops a wider range of capabilities that your reps can use today, tomorrow, or in 10 years.

More useful technology

Get a platform that delivers short-bursts, video-enriched digital assets integrated with your CRM to help reps get better deal by deal.

More visible progress

Get helpful metrics connected with your systems so you can see in real-time how your reps are impacting business outcomes.

How do you make real change happen for your sales team?