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Customised Training Reinforcement Tools for Sales Managers

Richardson Sales Performance’s Manager Meeting Toolkits are a collection of Leader’s Guides built specifically for frontline Sales Managers to use in leading training reinforcement sessions with their teams. Toolkits are comprised of Meeting Modules, and each Meeting Module is designed to lead a 30- to 45-minute virtual or face-to-face session on a specific topic covered in the workshops. We design a structured sales training reinforcement framework specific for your curriculum, being prescriptive in terms of which Module is delivered at what point in time. Used in combination with feedback from, and observation of team members and QuickCheck™ and SkillGauge™ data, Sales Managers can add in additional Modules to focus on known trouble spots.

Manager Toolkit Topics

Sales Manager Meeting Toolkits will be lightly tailored and provided for twelve standard topics, including:

  • Six Critical Skills
  • Review of the Insight Blueprint and Message
  • Crafting a Personalized Insight Message
  • Insight Message Practice
  • Customer Needs and Solutions
  • Review Objection Resolution Model
  • Preparing the Create/Shape Mode Worksheet
  • Role Play Create/Shape

A Powerful and Flexible Coaching Plan That Drives Results

These training Toolkits are provided to sales managers in soft copy. While we provide a recommended progression and order for the use of these coaching tools, you and your sales managers have ultimate flexibility in how and when they are used to ensure maximum impact on your business.

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