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The Lighter Side of Selling II eBook

Richardson has released a new eBook called the Lighter side of Selling II – Sales Meeting Stories.  The Lighter Side of Selling II is a fun look at real stories, anecdotes, and other events that sales professionals have experienced during an actual Sales Meeting. Here is a sample story.

A Not So Bright Idea….

So here we are, company president, VP of sales, sales rep, and technical specialist, trying to close a million-dollar deal.

Months of quotations and negotiations and presentations had led us to this point. It was time for the final deal. The location was a small inner office without exterior windows at the customer’s shop. After about an hour of small talk, it was time to get down to our final numbers.

It was our president who confidently made our best and final offer. The customer inquired, “Is that your best offer?” Our president replied, “Yes it is.” The customer promptly stood up, quickly walked to the door, opened it, turned off the lights, and walked out, shutting the door behind him. There, sitting silently in pitch blackness, was our president, vice president, sales rep, and technical specialist with nothing left to do but feel their way to the door and the light switch and find their way out. In the end, we found a way to brighten up the deal and make the sale.

That was one of the most effective negotiating ploys I have ever witnessed or heard of.


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