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Serving the Evolving Needs of Customers at Coyote Logistics with a Consultative Approach

The Challenge

Coyote Logistics is a leading global third-party logistics provider that connects shippers and carriers around the world to move more than 10,000 loads every day. The company is committed to delivering smarter supply chain solutions and strategic insights that drive the success of its global network.

Coyote operates on an international scale, with 14,000 shippers, 70,000 carriers, 3,000 trained specialists, and 19 offices across North America and Europe. The company’s global presence represented a significant opportunity to bring the full depth and breadth of their capabilities to its customers through an improved experience. Achieving this higher level of support meant further developing behavior-based interpersonal skills that are universally applicable in selling. Put simply, Coyote leadership wanted to create an environment in which its salesforce could continuously grow personally and professionally in a way that kept the customer at the center of everything they do.

Additionally, Coyote wanted to become an employer of choice for those who were serious about pursuing careers in sales. The company needed its team members to grow with them by expanding their skillsets and developing their ability to adapt in order to serve the evolving needs of their customers.

To support this initiative, Coyote also wanted to create a coaching program in which leaders would learn how to better develop their team members in a way that inspires self-motivation to learn, grow and improve.

The Results

Members of Coyote’s sales team are now diving into their customers’ businesses and feel empowered to provide the strategic insight and consultative support needed to help solve their biggest challenges. In turn, they are helping fuel Coyote’s growth by improving service levels and increasing adoption of the company’s full suite of innovative solutions.

I'm 30-min in and I'm already altering my behavior, what a difference.

Manger, BD Sales