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Increasing Gross Margins at Coyote Logistics through a Consultative Selling Approach

The Challenge

Coyote is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, matching shippers and carriers with supply chain solutions. The scale of the organization is global, with over 70,000 network carriers, approximately 3,000 employees, 10,000 loads shipped per day, 14,000 shippers, and 20 offices worldwide. During a period of rising demand, new carriers flooded the market, and competitive forces put pressure on margins. The sales organization at Coyote recognized the need to better position themselves in order to generate new business and retain customers by moving beyond serving the immediate need and instead delivering sustainable solutions and building long-term relationships. They also needed to shift their selling focus from price to value. Coyote leadership recognized the opportunity to transform their sales organization from demand fulfillment to demand creation as a strategy in order to stabilize revenue and protect margins in all market conditions.

The Results

6x Increase in average gross margin per month
Participants, on average, gained one additional customer per month
25% Increase in average outbound calls per day

I’m only 13% through Consultative Selling course and my mind is blown. The Selling Framework, the Six Skills, the milestones, the micro-burst training format…..I’m seriously blown away. It’s like Richardson designed a program specifically for me and my learning style. You found something incredible here. For all sales levels!