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Richardson shares its research and critical insights to help leaders prepare their organizations to reach the next level of success within today’s rapidly changing selling environment.

We conduct more than 1,000 interviews with senior sales professionals each year to revalidate our methodologies, track changes in the marketplace, and stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, our research studies focus on important elements in sales coaching, sustainment strategy, and other components of effective sales training.

We have close working relationships with industry analysts and researchers – including Aberdeen, Bersin, Brandon Hall, and CSO Insights – to uncover new data about best practices, industry trends, and innovative approaches.

Our executive team frequently publishes articles and white papers on key topics and speaks to industry audiences at conferences, in webinar panels, and via online videos. Our regularly published and award-winning blog, The Richardson Sales Excellence Review™, receives over 1,000 visitors per day and has approximately 20,000 subscribers.

We are constantly evolving by staying alert to changes in the environment, methodologies, and customer behaviors – and we share our insights to help customers bring their sales vision to life.

Linda Richardson

Our founder, Linda Richardson, is an award-winning author who has written ten books on sales and sales management, including “Perfect Selling,” which made The New York Times best-seller list and received the SBA gold medal for best sales book of 2008; and Sales Coaching: Making the Great Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Coach, 2nd edition, which won the SBA Sales Coaching Book Award. Linda was inducted into the Sales Hall of Fame in December 2010, and is a member of ASTD’s Sales Drivers Sales Training Committee.

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