Improve Knowledge Retention of Training Concepts

QuickCheck Uses Mobile Devices to Deliver Daily, Bite-Sized Learning Opportunities

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QuickCheck Knowledge Retention

Challenges of Sustaining Knowledge Retention of Training Concepts


  • 80% of what employees learn is forgotten within 90 days
  • Participants are not able to practice new skills in a risk free environment
  • You can't consistently pull sales reps and managers out of the field for training


Richardson's QuickCheck Helps to Sustain Learning and Reinforce Key Concepts


With the costs and time associated with sales training, you need to ensure that skills are developed and you can prove a return on investment from training. That's why we developed Richardson's QuickCheckTM.  Richardson QuickCheckTM is a mobile sales training reinforcement tool that delivers bite-sized learning through daily e-mails sent directly to sales professionals and sales managers through their corporate e-mail addresses to reinforce and sustain the knowledge retention of training concepts.

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Learning in Sales Training Programs - Sales Training Curriculum

Richardson's QuickCheckTM delivers customized, scenario-based learning modules to a sellers laptop or mobile device. These scenarios enable salespeople to appy key best practices learned in the classroom or through virtual training to challenging sales situations in less than 5 minutes a day. The QuickCheckTM program extends knowledge retention for up to 18 months and helps to change on-the-job behaviors. QuickCheckTM harnesses you salespeople's competitive drive by using a "game" approach, with real-time tracking of results on embedded leaderboards. In addition, QuickCheckTM leverages your company's collaborative and social culture to initiate online discussions regarding scenarios, situations, and best practices.

New and Improved QuickCheck Analytics

To provide greater insight and help identify opportunities for additional learning, we have recently updated and improved the back-end analytics of QuickCheckTM to include the following:

Real-time Sales Manager Dashboards:

  • Online Dashboards with hierarchical management views that drill down on individual, team, and region performance
  • Weekly snapshot reports display performance and engagement summaries and proficiency comparisons within and across groups
  • Targeted coaching insights with integrated communication tools


Real-time Performance Heat Map:

  • Visualization of numerical data in real time illustrates QuickCheckTM results, skills gaps, and areas of improvment
  • Better understanding of what the field knows and where they need help and/or coaching
quick-check-analytics-knowledge retention


Knowledge Retention of Training Concepts System - QuickCheck

Benefits of QuickCheck



  • Question and Answer-based Format
  • Pushed to salespeople’s mobile devices or laptop computer
  • 3 minutes a day is all it takes



  • Developed and Used at Harvard
  • Extends retention up to 18 months
  • Changes on-the-job behavior



  • Harness the Competitive Drive
  • Use a “game” approach to create engagement.
  • Real-time tracking of results on leader’s boards
  • Robust reporting to track learning
QuickCheck-knowledge retention


Award Winning Training Reinforcement System


Richardson QuickCheckTM has won two gold medals from the Brandon Hall Technology Awards for Best Advance in Unique Sales and Marketing Technology and Best Advance in Sales Training Software Platform



Language Capabilities


The QuickCheckTM portal and automatic e-mails are available in the following languages: English, European French, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, and Polish


Results of Qstream Technology in a Peer-reviewed Study


QuickCheck™ is based on Qstream technology platform which was developed and used at Harvard Medical School.

Impact on Training Knowledge Retention Increases knowledge retention of training concepts to 2 years (from 3 months)
Impact on Behavior Cost savings of $650k at Veterans Administration through reductions in unnecessary cancer screenings
Impact on Engagement
  • Completion rates greater than 70%
  • Participants preferred the mobile reinforcement approach 3:1 over web-based training



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