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Sale Effectiveness system


"Richardson was engaged by a leading consulting firm to first build a pursuit process and effective client interaction methodology.  Soon after, the company realized that they required more of an account focus and engaged us to build an account planning workshop and structure and retained us as dedicated coaches for each of their top 86 global relationships.  In effect, coaches were retained over a period of 4 months to drive the execution of the plan.  They generated $23.7MM of new business, or 17 times their investment with Richardson in the first year.  In addition, they increased pipeline 195% for coached accounts vs. non-coached accounts."

Within 30 days of a training event, 79% of what people have been taught is forgotten. 

We believe that training is not an event and that true change and transformation takes a thoughtful approach, discipline, buy-in, and a regular cadence of communication, training reinforcement to achieve results. Through planned training reinforcement and sustainment activities and adoption efforts, we focus on change and accountability across the organization in order to drive productivity gains and outcomes. 

Training Reinforcement is Critical to Success  

Our services to help you drive business outcomes and ensure training reinforcement and sustainment include the following. To learn more, click on each link.


Retain Knowledge

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Apply Skills

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Measure Success

  • Adoption Questions
  • Verifiable Outcomes
  • Sales Process-based NPS
  • Impact Survey

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