Selling Power Leadership Conference


Selling Power Conference

Presenter:  David DiStefano, President and CEO

Presenting at:  The 2008 Selling Power Sales Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL

Date: October 6, 2008

Session Focus: Coaching Salespeople into Champions Technology has not only changed the way companies sell but the way managers build and advance their team. There’s less face to face time between your customers and your salespeople. To maintain your competitive edge, sales leaders must know how to quickly and efficiently coach, develop, motivate and retain their top performers in order to drive positive, measurable change. You can create a world class team by developing your own coaching skills; the missing discipline among today’s leaders. Learn how a tactical coaching system can empower your sales force to realize their fullest potential.

Moderator: Mary Delaney, CSO,


Dave DiStefano, CEO, Richardson

Paul L. Melchiorre, Vice President, Ariba

Keith Rosen, President, Profit Builders and author of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

Patrick Sweeney, EVP, Caliper