Richardson announces strategic partnership with Synocus

Richardson announces strategic partnership with Synocus

Philadelphia, PA — March 24, 2008 — Richardson, a leading global sales training and consulting firm and Synocus Group, a professional services firm active in Europe and Asia today announced the formation of a strategic alliance to offer robust sales and sales management training and consulting in the northern European and Asia Pacific regions, in local language and fully customized to the business culture of the region.

“Richardson is excited to combine our world class sales and service blended training programs, performance support tools, coaching and reinforcement capabilities with the business orchestration and innovation consulting capabilities of Synocus to create a total business solution for our clients in the local European and Asia Pacific markets” says David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson. “With operations in Northern Europe, Shanghai, and Beijing, Synocus has established a footprint and high level of credibility with organizations operating in these regions. The combination of our world class sales performance solution with the consulting capabilities and local presence of Synocus will provide our clients with flawless delivery of our sales performance solutions."

Synocus Group sees the partnership with Richardson as a perfect match of its business orchestration capabilities with Richardson’s depth of understanding of the value creating potential of the sales force. “Our ‘Innovativeness as a Service’ -approach highlights the importance of the sales personnel as co-innovators and active participants in the ongoing strategizing work taking place in the context of the extended enterprise” explains

Johan Wallin, Chairman and managing partner of Synocus Group. “Our geographical focus on Europe and Asia combined with Richardson’s strong presence in North-America means that both of us now can provide truly localized solutions for our customers.”

Richardson ( was founded in 1978 and utilizes a comprehensive curriculum, consulting, diagnostic tools, and a proprietary customization process to help sales teams develop the critical skills sales needed to build and expand customer relationships and win business.  Richardson’s curriculum includes sales, sales coaching, relationship strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered through seminars, interactive eLearning, and one-on-one and team coaching. Richardson was founded by Linda Richardson, author of nine books on sales and sales management including the best selling Stop Telling, Start Selling and Perfect Selling, to be published by McGraw-Hill in June 2008.

Synocus ( was established in 1980 and specializes in helping clients to innovate their business models, integrate their management systems, and match their capabilities with their customers’ potential to create and sell value. In 2005 Synocus established offices in Shanghai, China and in 2006 entered into an alliance with the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing and is now co-delivering globalization programs to assist western business managers in establishing and managing business and sales operations in China.  Johan Wallin, Chairman of Synocus Group is a noted author and researcher. His most recent book Business Orchestration: Strategic Leadership in the Era of Digital Convergence was published by Wiley in 2006.