Richardson Validates Interoperability with Major LMS Systems

Richardson Validates Interoperability with Major LMS Systems

Philadelphia, PA - September 9, 2003 - Richardson, a leading sales training and consulting firm, today announced that they have completed successful interoperability with most leading Learning Management Systems. Over the past year, Richardson has been able to integrate their Web-based sales training programs with virtually all leading learning technology providers for a variety of client implementations including, but not limited to:

- Sun Microsystems ELP
- Saba Software
- PeopleSoft
- Oracle
- Thinq TrainingServer
- IBM/Lotus LearningSpace
- Click2Learn Ingenium & Aspen
- SmartForce/SkillSoft
- Maritz
- ElementK KnowledgeHub
- Docent
- KnowledgePlanet
- RISC, Inc. Virtual Training Assistant
- Syntrio
- CyberU

Richardson QuickSkills™ are developed to be SCORM and AICC compliant, using SCORM 1.1, 1.2 and AICC versions 2 & 3 to Level 1. The ability to integrate with existing Learning and Content Management Systems allows Richardson clients to realize a seamless and uncomplicated learning solution.

"QuickSkills' interoperability with the Sun™ Enterprise Learning Platform demonstrates how using open industry standards can greatly facilitate content integration and therefore help our customers develop their learning programs faster and at a lower cost," stated Fateh Al-Joundi, Program Director, Sun Services' eLearning Content Vendor Program.

"We have found that our Richardson QuickSkills can be easily integrated into an LMS as a result of their design," says Joe Jacobs, Richardson's Chief Technology Officer. "Our original development strategy was to ensure integration capabilities with standards-compliant LMS systems. We knew the quality of our content was world-class, the key was to make it simple for clients to implement and users to access."

About Richardson QuickSkills

Richardson QuickSkills are ground breaking in their level of interaction and individual coaching. The courses are designed for sales professionals - fast, bite sized, and substantive. Users work through high-impact simulations where they face real-life challenges, experience immediate application, and receive intensive coaching and feedback to develop skills to improve performance. Each Richardson QuickSkills is made up of 3 integrated parts:

A 20-minute completely interactive simulation to meet the time pressure of salespeople and provides intensive feedback and coaching
A 30-minute robust training resource center containing role plays, definitions, and an eTrainers
An interactive assessment test with individual action plan

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