Richardson Releases New eLearning Implementation Kit

Richardson Releases New eLearning Implementation Kit

Philadelphia, PA - February 3, 2004 - Richardson, a leading sales training and consulting firm, today announced the release of a new eLearning implementation kit, Richardson QuickLaunch™. Richardson QuickLaunch is a step-by-step process designed to help clients effectively implement, support, and maintain a Richardson eLearning solution.

The Richardson QuickLaunch kit includes a series of templates, tools, and guides that help clients define expectations, build executive and management support, create communication plans, and effectively launch and track an eLearning solution. The Richardson QuickLaunch Framework is based on best practice processes that were developed as a result of extensive research and testing with Richardson's blue chip eLearning client base. This comprehensive process can be tailored to clients' needs depending on their business environment, goals, budget, and resources.

"In order for an eLearning initiative to be successful, the climate and culture of the organization must support the solution. In too many instances, quality eLearning programs go unnoticed or underused simply because of the lack of awareness about the program," says Jim Brodo, Richardson's SVP of Marketing. "User audiences must not only be aware of the value of a solution, but be exposed to a demonstrated enthusiasm about the program from the top down; otherwise there is little incentive for them to participate. The QuickLaunch Kit was designed to ensure that there is a structure in place that creates a continuous learning model that is well defined, positioned correctly, communicated, and measured."

About Richardson eLearning

Richardson offers a comprehensive, end-to-end sales skills eLearning solution that includes our QuickLaunch process, off-the-shelf and customized Richardson QuickSkills eLearning, and our Richardson QuickGuides, a framework that allows managers to help users implement new skills back on the job. This unique process ensures a well received, used, and valued eLearning solution.

Richardson QuickSkills are ground breaking in their level of interaction and individual coaching. The courses are designed for sales professionals - fast, bite-sized, and substantive. Users work through high-impact simulations where they face real-life challenges, experience immediate application, and receive intensive coaching and feedback to develop skills to improve performance. Each Richardson QuickSkill is made up of three integrated parts:

A 20-minute interactive simulation with intensive feedback and coaching
A 30-minute robust training resource center containing role plays, definitions, and eTrainer lecturettes
An interactive assessment test with individual action plan

About Richardson

Richardson ( is a leading sales training and consulting firm. We accelerate the productivity of salespeople by ensuring they have the skills, strategies, and processes to achieve their objectives and implement their organization's strategy. Utilizing our comprehensive curriculum, coaching, and consulting, we help develop the critical skills sales organizations need to win. Our curriculum includes sales, sales management, strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered through seminars, one-on-one and team coaching, and interactive eLearning.

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