Richardson Releases New Sales 2.0 Sales Call Planning Tool

Richardson Releases New Sales 2.0 Sales Call Planning Tool with Real-time Coaching and Training

San Francisco, CA — March 4, 2009 — Richardson, a leading sales training and performance improvement firm, today announced at the Selling Power Sales 2.0 Conference the launch of the Richardson SalesCallPlanner™, an online, real-time planning and training solution that integrates with all major Client Relationship Management (CRM) platforms to help maximize every sales call.

With longer sales cycles and the importance of closing every possible opportunity, the Richardson SalesCallPlanner™ enables sales professionals to strategically envision, map out, and prepare for key customer calls. With a simple click, sales professionals gain access to a step-by-step planning process and a series of just-in-time training, videos, audio, and coaching reinforcement tools to organize and prepare dialogues that drive results.

The program also serves as a coaching tool for sales managers to review sales call plans to provide feedback and coaching before or after a meeting.  Richardson has partnered with White Springs, Inc., a leading salesforce effectiveness technology company, to leverage its technology platform to structure this innovative planning and training tool.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the SalesCallPlanner™. By using the SalesCallPlanner™, sales professionals will lead sales calls that result in closing more business,” says David DiStefano, CEO of Richardson. “The tool improves utilization of CRM systems, accelerates preparation time, and provides salespeople with access to coaching and training in every aspect of their plan, from objections to need dialogue and closing.  The tool has one ultimate goal, and that is to improve close ratios, and never before has this been more challenging or important to sales organizations.  We’ve embedded Richardson’s time-tested methodology into a tool that operates with a company’s CRM so that sales professionals and sales managers can plan a call much more quickly, track information, and receive immediate skills development directly from the tool whenever coaching is needed.  We see this product as a part of the next generation of salesforce development.”

“We have been eagerly anticipating the launch of Richardson’s SalesCallPlanner™, as it represents a new era in sales effectiveness,” says Chris Hens, President of White Springs.  “For years, customers have been looking for ways to increase the effectiveness and utilization of sales training.  By integrating the SalesCallPlanner™ directly within customers’ CRM/Salesforce automation applications, Richardson can significantly increase training impact because it brings learning into the context of the user’s daily sales environment.  Once again, Richardson has proven its commitment to delivering leading-edge solutions to its broad customer base.”

About Richardson

Richardson develops customized and comprehensive sales training and performance improvement solutions for sales, sales management, and customer service professionals that integrate with an organization’s business strategy, sales challenges, and overall vision to improve sales skills, increase performance, and drive results. The company’s 30-year dedication to changing the behaviors of sales professionals and innovation has made Richardson one of the largest global sales training and performance improvement providers today. Clients around the world choose Richardson for their “go beyond” approach and broad platform of customizable sales training and technology solutions. We deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end training platform that includes online diagnostics, fully customized live and online training programs, continuous coaching processes, reinforcement tools and techniques, and performance support applications. Richardson continues to be on the front line of sales training innovation in the development of leading edge solutions that help clients generate revenue faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

About White Springs

Founded in 2002, White Springs connects the unique intellectual property or thinking process of leading sales training programs or methodologies with the execution and tracking power of any sales effectiveness technology. The company engages in joint ventures with the world’s most prominent sales training and methodology authors and builds customized applications for these partners.  The applications are then sold and implemented with customers through the respective partner’s sales channels. More than 30,000 users in over 350 companies across the globe are currently using White Springs-powered sales methodologies. Based in San Mateo, Calif., White Springs is privately held and committed to driving up the sales effectiveness industry. More information is available at

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