Richardson Partners with ForceLogix

Richardson Partners with ForceLogix

Philadelphia, PA — June 25, 2009 — Richardson, a leading global sales training and performance improvement firm, today announced a partnership with ForceLogix, leaders in sales performance management optimization solutions.  The partnership combines Richardson’s 30 years of providing sales coaching performance improvement services with ForceLogix’s technology-enabled SalesForceOptimizer™ (SFO) to deliver a powerful platform that integrates the best practices of training millions of managers with an on-demand sales performance management application that integrates with most CRM systems.

“We are extremely excited to partner with ForceLogix, leaders in Sales Management Optimization, in an effort to expand our already robust sales coaching performance platform,” says David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson.  “Our industry-leading sales coaching performance solution, which consists of classroom and online training programs, SkillGauge™ diagnostics, Manager Toolkit, SalesCallPlanner™ software, and StartCoaching™ reinforcement structure, will be bolstered by the addition of the SFO.  Our clients will be able to further embed our methodology, coaching skills, and strategies into their work stream through SFO which allows sales managers to measure, coach, and advise salespeople toward better performance. ”

The partnership is a direct response to changing market conditions, the growing importance of sales coaching, and the need to reduce turnover and improve revenue.   Research indicates that coaching is the weakest competency of all Front Line Sales Managers, yet companies that consistently coach their salespeople can gain a 17% - 25% performance lift (Sales Executive Council).  While previous advancements have been made through the automation of inefficient processes such as a company’s financial systems, HR systems and customer relationship management, none have effectively addressed sales performance management issues.  Without clear visibility of the measurements specific to the sales role and performance, there is little ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson and manager.

Richardson’s SFO is the first on-demand sales management optimization solution designed to help sales leadership and management better evaluate, coach, and develop sales professionals to higher levels of performance.  It can be used as a post-learning reinforcement on the job to embed best practices into the sales professionals’ daily work flow, or as a stand-alone tool Sales Managers can leverage to improve sales skills, close ratios, and move opportunities through the pipeline. The SFO platform is designed to help with the key elements of sales management effectiveness including:

    Helping scale coaching
    Identifying key performance indicators
    Benchmarking results and measuring individual and team performance
    Setting priorities for improvement
    Empowering sales management to coach and develop their people

“Once companies are provided with the coaching know-how based upon Richardson’s stellar track record and experience, they still need a way to effectively and transparently execute this coaching on a consistent basis to realize full benefits.  ForceLogix provides the technology and automation to enable the process with intuitive workflow and consistent documentation that assures utilization of the coaching and management process.  And by presenting a 360º view of sales performance, including metrics and competencies, this critical foundation supports an effective coaching culture” says Patrick Stakenas, President and CEO, ForceLogix Inc. 

About Richardson

Richardson develops customized and comprehensive sales training and performance improvement solutions for sales, sales management, and customer service professionals that integrate with an organization’s business strategy, sales challenges, and overall vision to improve sales skills, increase performance, and drive results.  The company’s 30-year dedication to changing the behaviors of sales professionals and innovation has made Richardson one of the largest global sales training and performance improvement providers today.  Clients around the world choose Richardson for their “go beyond” approach and broad platform of customizable sales training and technology solutions. We deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end training platform that includes online diagnostics, fully customized live and online training programs, continuous coaching processes, reinforcement tools and techniques, and performance support applications. Richardson continues to be on the front line of sales training innovation in the development of leading-edge solutions that help clients generate revenue faster and more cost-effective than ever before.  Richardson has also recently launched the second edition of Linda Richardson’s best-selling book, Sales Coaching, Making the Great Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Coach.

About ForceLogix

ForceLogix ( is the market leader in on demand Sales Management Optimization Solutions. ForceLogix flagship product, SalesForce Optimizer, enables companies to optimize sales performance with easy and affordable tools to measure, coach and Optimize sales performance by individual and team. ForceLogix customers can dramatically improve sales performance. ForceLogix clients include such industry leaders as Motorola, Corning, Lenovo, and Innovex.