Richardson Partners with CSO Insights

Richardson Partners with CSO Insights to Offer a Series of Sales Performance Optimization Studies

Philadelphia, PA — February 15, 2011 — Richardson, a leading global sales training and performance improvement firm, today announced they have partnered with CSO Insights to provide a series of leading-edge sales industry research studies. The Reports, based on data collected from over 2,000 companies, focuses on the challenges facing sales organizations, why the problems exist, and what best practices can be leveraged to successfully overcome the issues.

Through their website,, Richardson will offer complimentary access to three leading-edge reports:

· Sales Performance Optimization (SPO): Key Trends Analysis — provides in-depth analysis on key selling trends including sales force effectiveness, how some firms are outselling their peers, investments being made in supporting sales teams, and process adoptions

· The 2011 SPO Sales Execution Analysis — provides key analysis on how effective organizations are in “executing” their sales process including trends on  customer’s buy cycle, effectively presenting features and benefits, differentiating from the competition, aligning solutions to customer’s needs, closing business, and much more

· The 2011 SPO Sales Management Analysis — takes a closer look at what managers are doing and/or areas needed to improve their abilities to assure their team’s success including their ability to hire reps, provide managers with timely and accurate sales metrics, accurately forecast business, calculate commissions, conduct win/loss reviews, adapt the sales process to changes in the marketplace, and proactively identify which reps need additional coaching/mentoring

“CSO Insights is one of the leading sales industry research firms. This partnership allows Richardson to provide our clients with cutting-edge and value-added information, data, and research to optimize their sales performance in 2011. Our goal is to help them continue their sales transformation process by providing information that can be used as a basis for brainstorming, goal planning, and to identify operational priorities,” said David DiStefano, President and CEO of Richardson.

“We applaud the efforts of sales teams who found ways to hit their higher numbers last year,” said Jim Dickie, a managing partner at CSO Insights. “But the study data show many salespeople made their quotas in 2010 by working harder and not necessarily smarter. With 92% of the firms surveyed reporting that they have increased quotas for 2011, companies are going to have to find ways to get win rates back up above 50%. This will require new methods for increasing the effectiveness of their sales organizations. Clearly investments in people, process, technology, and knowledge will help sales teams to do what they do best — sell.”

The first study, Sales Performance Optimization (SPO): Key Trends Analysis, is now available on Richardson’s website by clicking here.

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