Richardson Launches eLearning QuickSkills at Training 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5-7

Richardson Launches eLearning QuickSkills at Training 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, March 5-7

Philadelphia, PA — March 5, 2001 — Richardson, a leading provider of sales training and management solutions for major corporations worldwide, will launch Six Critical Skills, the first program in a series of Richardson's new eLearning QuickSkills products, at Training 2001.

The Six Critical Skills program represents the core of the Richardson consultative sales methodology. It provides users with the building blocks to accelerate sales success through client-focused dialogue, understanding clients needs and building long-term relationships. The Six Critical Skills program is made up of eight modules and will be available at the Richardson booth #621 at Training 2001, a leading training industry event held in the Georgia World Congress Center.

Richardson QuickSkills are designed to offer clients the opportunity to implement blended learning and stand-alone eLearning solutions to impact business performance. Richardson QuickSkills are 15- to 45-minute quick-hitting Web-based modules drawn from Richardson's extensive library of time-tested, world-class sales and sales strategy curriculum.

Participants accessing Richardson QuickSkills experience highly interactive training modules with role plays, eTrainer coaching, performance support tools, evaluations and much more. Future releases will include the Richardson Sales Community, where peer counseling and live real-time coaching will be available, and mobile performance support tools via personal digital assistants.

"We are pleased to announce that Richardson is taking the first step in meeting the eLearning needs of our clients in the sales performance arena. The Richardson QuickSkills series offers our clients the ability to extend the learning process and provide sales professionals with on-demand access to time-proven learning and performance support," said Linda Richardson, CEO of Richardson.

"The launch of the Richardson eLearning QuickSkills marks a dynamic step in the growth of our company. We now have the ability to answer the diverse training needs of our clients and provide them with a sophisticated, integrated and comprehensive sales curriculum. Richardson's innovative QuickSkills combine cutting-edge technology with a learning-by-doing training methodology. Richardson QuickSkills enable Richardson clients to leverage its 20 years of client focused sales training experience at the click of a finger," said Linda Richardson.

The Richardson Six Critical Skills series will be available to Richardson customers and partners beginning in March, 2001. Over the next ten months additional Richardson eLearning QuickSkills programs will be released covering the following Richardson content areas: Consultative Selling, Consultative Negotiations, Customer Care, Coaching, Sales Presentations and Strategy.

The Richardson QuickSkills are powered by Docent Enterprise™ (NASDAQ: DCNT), an award-winning Learning Management System, and have been developed with the help of Quisic, a designer and developer of corporate eLearning solutions.

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