Richardson Launches Sales Coaching Assessment and Diagnostic Tool

Richardson Launches Sales Coaching Assessment and Diagnostic Tool

 PHILADELPHIA , PA — October 15, 2005 — Richardson , a leading sales training and consulting firm, today announced the launch of a new 360 º Sales Coaching Assessment and Diagnostic Tool as a part of its comprehensive Sales Leadership and Coaching Curriculum.

Richardson 's new online tool provides Managers with feedback on how they, their Managers, Peers, and Direct Reports perceive them relative to the impact of their sales leadership and coaching.

The assessment consists of 28 targeted questions which are based on Richardson 's 27 years of research and experience in working with world-class sales organizations. Richardson 's Web-based assessments and diagnostic tools are powered by SkillMeasure

The assessment can stand-alone or can be integrated with Richardson 's Sales Leadership and Coaching training. When integrated, Managers receive confidential data from the assessment as a part of the training to provide them with insights into their strengths and areas for improvement and to motivate behavior change.

“We are extremely excited to launch our Sales Coaching Assessment and Diagnostic Tool,” said Linda Richardson , President and CEO of Richardson. “Turning effective Managers into effective Coaches remains a challenge for most sales organizations. Because many Sales Managers come up through the ranks from sales and their sales skills are their strong suite, they often need to build equally strong management skills. The feedback on their coaching styles, from the assessment, helps open their eyes to the new skills required to grow others. It is the combination of the assessment data, practical coaching skills and process, and the specific coaching plans for developing their teams and themselves created at the end of the training that is a catalyst for transition to coach.”

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