Richardson Launches New Sales Coaching Program

Richardson Launches New Sales Coaching Program

Philadelphia, PA - April 15, 2005 - Richardson , a leader in blended sales training and consulting, today announced the release of “ Remote Coaching™” - the latest addition to its Sales, Service, and Sales Management Training Curriculum. The Remote Coaching sales management training solution is designed to support Managers by providing them with the skills, processes, and strategies to help increase the productivity of their dispersed sales teams.

The management strategies in Remote Coaching take the “remote” out of coaching by providing managers with: 

The Three Critical Success Factors of Remote Coaching : Performance Metrics, Coaching Process, and Relationship Focus
The key differences and similarities between face-to-face and remote coaching
Effective methodologies to put the qualitative element back into coaching
A process to create obtainable metrics - the heart of remote coaching
An effective Remote Coaching Process that includes how often, when, how, and why
Tools to help coaches decide when and when not to use voice mail, instant messaging, and other technologies
Strategies on how to build the sales team remotely
Templates to create annual coaching plans for each salesperson

“In today's complex sales environment, both Managers and Salespeople are asked to do more with less,” says Linda Richardson President, and CEO of Richardson. “Especially with dispersed, remote teams, it is essential not to fall into a laissez-faire management style and to use the telephone and other technologies to regularly develop salespeople, optimize productivity, and build strong internal relationships.”

Richardson also offers support to Managers through one-on-one and group follow-up and phone coaching as well as a Train-the-Trainer Certification Program. Additionally, Richardson provides resources such as a Cyber Manager Tip newsletter, Ask Richardson question and answer forum with a 24-hour guaranteed response, and Web-based reinforcement courses.

The Remote Coaching Program links to Richardson 's Consultative Selling and other programs in Richardson 's deep sales, service, and management training curriculum. Remote Coaching is another way Richardson is meeting the priority needs of its clients.

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