Richardson Launches New Customer Service Training Programs at the 2005 Annual Call Center Exhibition

Richardson Launches New Customer Service Training Programs at the 2005 Annual Call Center Exhibition

PHILADELPHIA — September 19, 2005 — Richardson, a leading sales training and consulting firm, today announced the launch of two new additions to its comprehensive Customer Service training curriculum: eCare eMail ™ and ChatCare ™ at The 2005 Annual Call Center Exhibition in Seattle, WA.

Technology is rapidly changing how companies service their customers and the leading organizations are leveraging every available technology tool to gain a competitive advantage and provide exceptional customer care. Richardson 's eCare eMail and ChatCare were designed to give companies that edge: 

eCare eMail — A half-day course to help Sales and Service Reps leverage eMail communications to effectively manage customer interactions, improve customer follow-ups and look for cross-selling opportunities

ChatCare — A half-day course designed to build Agents skills in using online chats to hold better dialogues, resolve objections, manage challenging customers, and leverage best practices

These modular, interactive half-day programs can be customized to a company's business. Core content includes: customer-focused structure (TRACK), positioning solutions/recommendations, customizing standard responses, resolving objections, managing challenging customers, effective follow-up, leveraging best practices, and an option of cross-selling.

“We are excited about our eMail and Chat programs,” says Linda Richardson , President and CEO of Richardson. “We are fortunate to be working with clients that are dedicated to exceptional customer service. These companies are always ahead of the curve in technology and training and we are right along side of them to support them real-time.”

Additionally, Richardson is now developing Web-based versions of these two courses. The courses will be designed as stand-alone training or blended as a part of the classroom-based program. The Web-based modules are scheduled for launch in the winter of 2006.

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