Richardson Launches New Consultative Selling Program as Part of the Richardson eLearning QuickSkills Curriculum

Richardson Launches New Consultative Selling Program as Part of the Richardson eLearning QuickSkills Curriculum

Philadelphia, PA — May 14, 2001 — Richardson, a leading provider of sales performance development programs, today announced the launch of Consultative Selling, the second in a series of programs that comprise its eLearning QuickSkills curriculum. QuickSkills takes Richardson's proven sales performance development content and methodology and delivers them via an eLearning platform to significantly enhance the flexibility and impact of Richardson's programs. The first QuickSkills program, Six Critical Skills, provides sales organizations with the foundation for leading a successful client need-based dialogue. Consultative Selling focuses on key elements of the sales call from strategic preparation to closing and follow-up.

Six Critical Skills and Consultative Selling are both built from Richardson's unique content and methodology, which have been perfected through more than 20 years of classroom and coaching programs promoting sales performance and carefully redesigned for Web learning. Because QuickSkills are highly interactive, product neutral, and can be customized to meet the needs of an organization, they offer value for highly experienced senior salespeople and new recruits.

"We have had the privilege of working with many of the leading sales organizations in the world. We are thrilled to offer our clients a new learning strategy for delivering Consultative Selling to complement the core seminar and give them total flexibility," said Linda Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson. "The Consultative Selling QuickSkill program gives us a powerful new tool for delivering our proven content and valued coaching to our clients when and where they need it."

Like the other QuickSkill programs, Consultative Selling consists of 15- to 45-minute Web-based modules that include challenging decision points and intense feedback, model role plays, eTrainer lecturettes, takeaways, words to know, performance support tools, evaluations, and much more. The Consultative Selling Program includes the following seven QuickSkills:

    Sales Call Preparation
    Need Dialogue
    Need Solution
    Resolving Objections
    Price Objections

"Richardson's mission has always been to help companies grow their sales, particularly in highly competitive industries, and ultimately to positively impact their top-line," said Linda Richardson, CEO of Richardson. "The Internet offers an exciting new channel for us to achieve that goal by delivering our proven content and methodology to decentralized sales operations via an interactive platform. As we continue to roll out the QuickSkills suite, we expect more of our clients will use the Web-based learning to supplement and extend our classroom offerings."

The Richardson Six Critical Skills and Consultative Selling programs are currently available to Richardson clients and partners. Upcoming QuickSkill programs include Consultative Negotiations, Sales Presentations, and Team Sales Presentations. Additional releases include Customer Care, Developmental Sales Coaching, and Strategy. Future enhancements include the Richardson Sales Community, offering peer counseling and live real-time coaching, and mobile performance support tools via personal digital assistants.

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Richardson is a proven sales performance development organization dedicated to accelerating sales productivity of clients that rely on their salesforce as a differentiating factor for achieving top-line growth. Richardson offers a comprehensive and integrated sales curriculum. By customizing our core programs we provide participants with a process for selling and the skills, tools, and support to apply those skills in every phase of the sales cycle to build and expand client relationships. Leveraging more than 20 years of seminar and consulting experience, Richardson now offers QuickSkills as a flexible, interactive, high-impact eLearning training alternative to our clients worldwide. The Richardson QuickSkills are powered by Docent Enterprise™ (NASDAQ: DCNT), an award-winning eLearning system, which includes the award-winning Docent Learning Management Server™, Docent Content Delivery Server™, Docent Outliner™, and Docent Mobile™. For more information visit

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