Richardson Launches Leader's Guides to Maximize eLearning Investment

Richardson Launches Leader's Guides to Maximize eLearning Investment

Philadelphia, PA - October 9, 2003 - Richardson, a leading sales training and consulting firm, today announced the launch of a new eLearning support product, Richardson QuickGuides™. Richardson QuickGuides are a step-by-step framework designed to help team leaders and managers to closely work with team members to ensure skills learned in Richardson's Web-based sales training programs are effectively implemented back on the job.

For every Richardson QuickSkill eLearning program and course, Richardson offers a Richardson QuickGuide. The QuickGuide serves as a "Leader's Guide" to give sales managers and team leaders the content to lead brief 20 to 30-minute meetings (face-to-face, telephone, or online synchronous) in which salespeople apply the elements of a Richardson QuickSkill course to real, priority sales situations/relationships and receive coaching from their managers and peers through exercises, role plays, and other activities. Participants bring completed Richardson QuickPlanners™ (Richardson's proprietary sales planners) to the meeting, which capture their real deal information and help to make the "bridge" from the Web to each salesperson's real sales situations.

Richardson QuickGuides are easy-to-use and support managers in facilitating interactive, effective sales meetings and coaching sessions. The Richardson QuickGuides outline the agenda for team meetings including teaching points, activities, and role plays as well as guidelines for the manager or person the manager delegates to use in leading the meeting to apply the skills and strategies learned, provide feedback, and coach to reinforce the content from each Richardson QuickSkill course.

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