Richardson Launches Just-in-time Sales Performance Support Tool

Richardson Launches Just-in-time Sales Performance Support Tool

PHILADELPHIA - January 30, 2003 - Richardson, a dominant leader in blended sales training and consulting, today announced the launch of Richardson Live™, an audio-based sales performance support tool. In the car, on a plane, or even at home - Richardson Live is designed for the sales professional on the go. Short, clear, and prescriptive, these comprehensive audio tracks provide listeners with the skills, strategy, and motivation to build relationships and close business.

Richardson Live is a series of concise, hard-hitting audio disks. On these disks, Linda Richardson, industry leader and founder of Richardson, coaches salespeople on key teaching points around hot topics that salespeople and support team members must know (and do) to achieve their objectives and improve their results. Each disk contains up to 12, three to five-minute audio tracks that draw from Richardson's over 25 years of experience in coaching leading sales organizations across a multitude of industries.

"Richardson Live is a tool we have created in response to salespeople who want a fast, effective refresher to keep them at the top of their game," says Linda Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson. "We polled our top trainers for the topics and coaching points that sales people have identified as their priorities and we created training around each of the topics so that salespeople can listen to them again and again to prepare and debrief."

Richardson plans to release a full series of audio disks on a variety of sales, sales management, and sales process topics. Currently available are the following disks and their respective tracks:

    Six Critical Skills
        Structuring Questions to Uncover Needs
        Prefacing Questions to Encourage Client Responses
        Drill-down Questions to Impact Sales Results
        Effective vs. Efficient Listening
        Persuasive Positioning
        Checking - The Power Skill
        High Impact Presence
        High Mileage Relating

    Consultative Selling
        Leveraging the Opening
        Leading an Effective Need Dialogue
        Resolving Challenging Objections
        Offsetting Pricing Objections
        Positioning an Effective Solution Dialogue
        Closing to Win/Maintaining Momentum
        Maximizing Sales Call Preparation
        Asking a Complete Range of Questions
        Selling against the Competition
        Understanding Decision-makers

Coming Soon - Consultative Negotiations, Developmental Sales Coaching, Consultative Telephone Selling, Exceptional Customer Care, and Sales Presentations

Developed for delivery in a variety of file formats, the Richardson Live series can easily be played on most computer systems, portable compact disk players, MP3 players, and Pocket PCs for on-demand sales training and information. The compact disks can be ordered through the web at

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Richardson ( is a leading sales training and consulting firm. We accelerate the productivity of sales people by ensuring they have the skills, strategies, and processes to achieve their objectives and implement their organization's strategy. Utilizing our comprehensive curriculum, coaching, and consulting, we help develop the critical skills sales organizations need to win. Our curriculum includes sales, sales management, strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered through seminars, one-on-one and team coaching, and interactive eLearning. Leveraging more than 25 years of seminar and consulting experience, Richardson now offers over 100 hours of eLearning Richardson QuickSkills™ as a flexible, interactive, high-impact eLearning alternative to clients and individuals worldwide.

The Richardson QuickSkills are available through the Sun™ Enterprise Learning Platform, offered by Sun Educational Services, which is the training group of Sun Microsystems, Inc. To deliver synchronous learning events and real deal coaching, Richardson partners with Centra. Centra (NASDAQ:CTRA) is the world's leading provider of software infrastructure and ASP services for eLearning and business collaboration.

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