Richardson Identifies Sales Obstacles Through Skills Assessment Tests

Richardson Identifies Sales Obstacles Through Skills Assessment Tests

Philadelphia, PA - January 26, 2005 - Richardson, a leading sales training and consulting firm today announced the release of industry data for salespeople and sales managers on what is keeping them from closing sales. Based on an analysis of aggregated Richardson eLearning assessment test scores from over 50,000 sales professionals across industries, Richardson identified four of the most common obstacles in sales and sales management.

Key Sales Force Obstacles

    Positioning against the competition
    Need dialogue/questioning
    Resolving challenging objections

Key Sales Manager Obstacles

    Real time coaching

Salespeople scored lowest on their ability to position and differentiate their solutions from competitors with only a 17% pass rate. "This score reveals how salespeople are struggling to differentiate their offerings and of course this has major implications for closing," says Linda Richardson, President and CEO of Richardson.

Identifying needs and resolving objections also pose serious obstacles for salespeople. Pass rates for these two areas were approximately 35%. "Each of these sales obstacles comes back to the ability of the salesperson to understand client needs. The skill of questioning is at the heart of improving success in all of these areas. The importance of being able to question and drill down cannot be overstated," continued Ms. Richardson.

Managers scored only 29% in real time coaching. Ms. Richardson says, "The fact that real time coaching was identified as a major weakness is reflective of how busy managers are today and how many opportunities are being missed to develop people and improve performance. This score also indicates that many managers are not skilled and/or comfortable giving feedback which of course is vital to growth and development."

To obtain valid data, Richardson designed its assessment tests to simulate complex, real-life sales situations. Receiving a passing grade is determined by obtaining a score of 70% or higher.

The Richardson QuickSkills™ curriculum used in this study is provided to organizations worldwide. Each highly interactive course comes with an assessment test and multiple reinforcement resources for continuous learning.

To learn more about Richardson QuickSkills, this study, or to request an interview with Linda Richardson, please visit our Web site at and receive a complimentary copy of this report.

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