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Sales Force Training — Effectively Using your CRM System to Increase Sales Skills
August 19, 2003
by Robert Brodo, Senior VP Global Sales, and Linda Richardson, President and CEO, The Richardson Company

To maximize sales training investments, training needs to be continuous. One of the most effective ways to encourage the application of skills back on the job is to embed them within the everyday workflow. From questioning models, to capturing needs, and supporting developmental coaching activities, your CRM system can help your sales force to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and knowledge application. CRM systems from software developers such as Siebel, Microsoft, SAP, Dendrite, and others can provide day-to-day opportunities to sales results by directly integrating sales skills, sales models, and sales processes into the software system.

Sales Force Training — Effectively Using Your CRM System to Increase Sales Skills is an interactive online session that will provide:

A description of how CRM systems reinforce sales skills
Best practices of designing and implementing your CRM to increase sales skills

A case study that demonstrates the impact of using your CRM system to enhance sales skills

Participants will learn strategies for using their CRM systems to apply and reinforce sales training models and skills. From this, you will leverage your investment in both the CRM system and their sales training initiatives.

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