QuickSkills for Quicker Closes

QuickSkills for Quicker Closes

PHILADELPHIA, PA - September 28, 2001- Richardson, a leading provider of sales training and consulting, today announced the launch of a dozen new Richardson QuickSkills eLearning programs to add to its library. All of the new eLearning programs will debut at the Online Learning Training Conference (booth 2147) in Los Angeles, October 1-3, 2001.

"The most exciting part of our eLearning training is that it is truly effective in its impact and in its usability for salespeople," says Linda Richardson, CEO. "We have created very interactive training in which users get immediate individual and intensive feedback. For each program, in addition to more than 20 minutes of highly interactive coaching, users can also listen to Richardson eTrainer lecturettes, review role plays, and takeaway tools. The design is right for salespeople - bite size, intensive, and challenging - modules can be completed in 20 to 45 minutes."

Three new powerful eLearning Richardson QuickSkills courses include:

Developmental Sales Coaching - provides a quick, disciplined process for sales managers to efficiently and effectively improve their ability to give feedback and increase performance of the salespeople and at the same time foster their salespeople's self-coaching.

Sales Presentations - strategies and skills to prepare for and lead winning sales presentations by customizing fully to the client, positioning value, and by creating a dialogue vs. monologue.

Exceptional Customer Care - provides customer service professionals with the strategies, skills, and attitudes needed to help them provide exceptional customer care and create a competitive advantage through their quality of service. Increases the ability to minimize any negative emotions, ask helpful questions, and provide the best possible solution or options as a way to build long-term relationships.
Additional modules to enrich existing eLearning curriculum include:

Consultative Selling
- Resolving Price Objections
- Selling against the Competition
- Cross-selling
- Understanding Decision Makers and Drivers
- Uptiering

Sales Presentations
- Team Selling Presentations

Developmental Sales Coaching
- In-the-Action Coaching
- Coaching for the Poor Performer
- Motivating High Performers

Exceptional Customer Care
- Managing Challenging Customers

Additional Richardson QuickSkills and QuickSkill situational add-ons covering the topics of Telephone Selling, Sales Strategy and Process are scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2001.

About Richardson QuickSkill Courses

Richardson QuickSkills have been developed from Richardson's time-tested and proprietary content. Redesigned for Web-based learning, Richardson QuickSkills consist of two parts - completely interactive, 15 to 30-minute scenario-based training in which learners make choices and receive intensive feedback and a 30-minute robust training resource center containing role plays, definitions, and an eTrainer lecturette.

To learn more about Richardson, please contact us at info@richardson.com.