Learn to Make, Not Break Deals - Richardson Releases New eLearning DealMakers Series

Learn to Make, Not Break Deals - Richardson Releases New eLearning DealMakers Series

PHILADELPHIA, PA - December 12, 2001- Richardson, a leading provider of sales training and consulting, today announced the release of Richardson QuickSkills DealMakers™. The Richardson QuickSkills DealMakers are a new series of eLearning programs that capture the most critical skills that have the potential to make or break a deal. Each program provides the strategy and skills that sales professionals need to win business. They cover all the latest issues surrounding the sales cycle from sales negotiations and presentations to sales strategy and management. The Richardson QuickSkills DealMaker training programs compliment the core Richardson eLearning curriculum.

Current Richardson QuickSkills DealMaker programs include:

• Resolving Price Objections
• Selling Against the Competition
• Cross-selling
• Navigating Decision-Making Process: Understanding the Key Drivers
• Navigating Decision-Making Process: Uptiering
• Team Presentations
• In-the-Action Coaching 

First Quarter 2002 Richardson QuickSkills DealMaker releases will include:

• Consequence Coaching for the Poor Performers
• Motivating High Performers with Praise
• Managing Challenging Customers

"We are all very excited about the release of the DealMakers. They add a valuable component to our complete offering," said Linda Richardson, CEO of Richardson. "DealMakers are hard-hitting eLearning programs that focus on the implementation of sales strategy. They cover the most strategic and timely sales issues facing today's sales professionals in order to help them win business."

Each Richardson QuickSkills DealMaker consists of two parts - a completely interactive, 15 to 30-minute scenario-based training in which learners make choices and receive intensive feedback, and a 30-minute robust resource center containing role plays, tools, and QuickTrainer lecturettes. They can be used as a stand alone or a blended solution to provide a complete, integrated learning experience that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning.

About Richardson

Richardson is a leading sales training and consulting firm. We accelerate the productivity of sales organizations competing in changing markets. We utilize our comprehensive curriculum and our process of coaching to individuals and teams to develop the process and critical skills sales organizations need to win. Richardson's training and coaching successfully impacts every phase of our client's sales cycle. Our comprehensive curriculum includes sales and sales management, strategy, negotiations, and service training delivered though seminars, one-on-one and team coaching and interactive eLearning. Leveraging more than 20 years of seminar and consulting experience, Richardson now offers Richardson QuickSkills as a flexible, interactive, high-impact eLearning alternative to our clients worldwide. The Richardson QuickSkills are powered by Docent Enterprise™ (NASDAQ: DCNT), an award-winning Learning Management System. For more information, visit www.richardson.com.

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