Blended Sales Training: As Seen in Selling Power Magazine

How to combine training technology to make your sales team more productive

Written by Geoffrey James, Selling Power

Successful sales professionals combine three major elements into a unified selling method: 1) detailed product knowledge, 2) the ability to craft that knowledge into a customer solution, and 3) a wide variety of interpersonal skills. Here’s the challenge for sales organizations: providing training for this three-pronged approach without breaking the budget. While most sales managers realize there’s an ever-growing need for better skills and product knowledge among the sales team, few firms can afford to send sales reps to several weeks of classroom training, even once, let alone every year. Fortunately, it is now possible to combine classroom instruction, on-line learning, and Web conferencing to simultaneously reduce training costs and increase retention.This can result in sales training programs that are far more effective than ever before.

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