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qts sales training success story

QTS Nearly Triples New Sales Opportunities

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The Results

  • 70%Over the 12 months following the program, an average of 70% of opportunities in Commit reached Final Terms.

  • 3xSales figures jumped nearly three-fold as 62 new opportunities reached prospecting compared to just 22 for the same period in the previous year.

The Challenge

Data center management business QTS has a national presence with 10 data centers across seven states serving over 875 customers. However, as QTS grew through acquisitions, the company discovered that sales processes varied among leaders. Moreover, many of the ingrained selling strategies consisted of a transactional approach focusing on technological capabilities rather than underlying customer needs. QTS resolved to instill more rigor in their sales process with a refreshed approach towards reaching aggressive goals. Doing so would require an end-to-end solution representing an ongoing commitment to new selling practices. Meaningful change would need to come from a unified process that shifted from transactional to consultative. QTS partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to develop a customized approach called Selling the QTS Way. The program consisted of six key steps linked to verifiable outcomes to track and continuously improve seller performance.

The Approach

QTS partnered with Richardson Sales Performance to benefit from a customized approach that speaks to the real-world challenges of selling in a particular industry. Richardson Sales Performance started the program design by interviewing the VP of sales, the COO, two regional VPS and EVP. From these details emerged a two-day workshop called Selling the QTS Way. The program consisted of six key steps: Prospecting, Qualification, Solutioning, Proposal, Negotiation, and Final Terms. Richardson Sales Performance and QTS identified verifiable outcomes for each of these steps. With measurement comes visibility of progress. Additionally, these measurement points allow for more accurate forecasting as opportunities move through the pipeline. To create continuity among selling strategies, Richardson Sales Performance also developed Coaching for Results. The five-step process equipped sellers with the capability to be responsible for their own development.

The team appreciated having the chance to role play the scenarios in a safe environment. I’ve personally never run into a course that motivated sales teams to want to role play, ever.
Sales Learning & Development Lead, QTS

Solutions that made this possible

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