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Over 130 Experienced Professionals Worldwide

From your first conversation with us you'll realize we're different. It is our job to make you feel like our entire staff are fully integrated members of your team. That means we put your organization's priorities first & measure success in terms of your satisfaction and business growth. Here we pull back the curtain to introduce you to a few of the talented people at Richardson who make your success possible.

Kathryn Young

Director of Delivery & Client Services

“What I love most about working at Richardson is that I get to work alongside talented and dedicated individuals who share the same values that I do: we are true partners to one another, each of us collectively striving to provide the utmost client experience to ensure our clients meet their goals.”

Kathryn has been a member of the Richardson team since June of 2010. In her current role Kathryn is responsible for overseeing key aspects of the client experience with Richardson’s products and services, which requires leading, managing, and coaching members of the Design Associate and Client Engagement team.

richardson sales training director of delivery and client services
adam nelson, senior learning strategist at richardson sales training

Dr. Adam Nelson

Senior Learning Strategist

Partnering with clients to help them achieve their sales goals is what motivates me. I help organizations implement processes and develop sales behaviors so that their salespeople bring more value to customer conversations. The solutions I design make them more effective at developing relationships by consultatively collaborating with their customers to assist them in realizing opportunities and avoiding potential risks.

As Richardson’s Senior Learning Strategist, Adam works with world-class organizations to explore current performance, determine development needs, and design training and consulting solutions that deliver improved sales performance. The solutions Adam designs range from targeted skill development for a single sales or leadership role, to comprehensive learning journeys for multiple roles, spanning the entire salesforce and leadership.

Dennis Grieco

Master Training Consultant

“As trainers we need to take our client’s business goals and create behavioral change that matches those goals We also need to ensure that the classroom experience is realistic, challenging, and fun so that participants not only want to learn, but will walk out with improved skills that they can implement immediately.”

As a 24-year veteran at Richardson, Dennis wears many hats with the company. As a training consultant, he is a top-level and highly skilled facilitator for world-class sales organizations across industries, as an instructional expert, he supports the design of many of Richardson’s programs, and as a master trainer, he takes responsibility for the development of all Richardson Senior Training Consultants to ensure they are able to meet the high standards our clients have come to expect.

richardson sales training facilitator dennis grieco
richardson sales training regional vice president ronnie harris

Ronnie Harris

Regional Vice President of Sales

“It has been exciting to be with a company like Richardson that has grown and evolved with its deep curriculum, digital tools and solutions, while retaining the strong foundation on which it was built.  Richardson’s methodology is sound because it was created with an understanding of human psychology. At its heart, effectiveness in selling depends on the quality of the interactions that buyers have with sellers and an understanding of human behavior.  It is gratifying to observe professionals change and grow and achieve greater and greater success in the process.”

As a consultant and advisor with more than 25 years of sales experience, Ronnie works closely with clients to understand their business goals and objectives and determine the development needs of their sales organization. With this understanding, Ronnie collaborates with clients to create customized solutions that include assessment, training and consulting to support the growth of their sales teams and take them to their next level of performance.