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Over 130 Experienced Professionals Worldwide

From your first conversation with us you'll realize we're different. It is our job to make you feel like our entire staff are fully integrated members of your team. That means we put your organization's priorities first and measure success in terms of your satisfaction and business growth. Here we pull back the curtain to introduce you to a few of the talented people at Richardson Sales Performance who make your success possible.

Christine Brown

Account Director

“The dedication and client focus that our passionate, intelligent, and talented team here at Richardson Sales Performance displays every day is incredibly impressive.  Our clients turn to us for support in many areas throughout project implementations, and there is never a lack of teamwork or willingness to help and support from our team members.  From beginning to end, our team works together to execute successfully, mitigate risk, solve problems, and help our clients achieve their goals.  In my role, it is really rewarding to be the conduit between our clients and our internal team as a project comes to life, and there is nothing more satisfying than when a client shares that our solutions exceeded their expectations and brought about desired change in their organization.”

Christine has been with Richardson Sales Performance for over 10 years.  She initially worked on the Design team as an editor and then as Director of Design managing the editing team, resourcing, and operations for the department.  In her current role as an Account Director on the Implementation team, Christine manages the implementation of client projects across various industries.  She is responsible for the coordination and execution of Richardson Sales Performance’s solutions to ensure flawless deliveries and an exceptional client experience.

christine brown richardson account director
amy smalfus vp content learning strategies

Amy Smalfus

Vice President, Content and Learning Strategies

“The best thing about Richardson Sales Performance is our belief that increased self-awareness is the key to greater success, coupled with our know-how around helping every individual gain the insights needed to increase their effectiveness while being authentic to their true self.  As Galileo said, ‘We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.’”

Being entrusted with the responsibility to refresh and modernize our content and curriculum for our clients is a dream, an honor, and a privilege. And it’s a job that takes a village.  I am grateful to be surrounded by so many thoughtful, creative, and talented colleagues who help bring the vision to life for our clients. I am so grateful for the timeless foundation Linda Richardson Sales Performance gave to us and the skills and values she inspired us all to embrace and cherish.”

Amy has over 25 years of experience in the learning and performance improvement field with 17 years dedicated to sales performance improvement. She worked directly with Linda Richardson Sales Performance early in her career. Her passion for Richardson Sales Performance’s content and approach inspired her to return to Richardson Sales Performance over 10 years ago. In her current role, she is responsible for ensuring the ongoing quality and relevance of Richardson Sales Performance intellectual property and learning solutions.  This includes creating our Connected Curriculum and refreshing existing content and programs to appeal to the modern learner and include blended solutions.

Dennis Grieco

Master Training Consultant

“As trainers we need to take our client’s business goals and create behavioral change that matches those goals. We also need to ensure that the classroom experience is realistic, challenging, and fun so that participants not only want to learn, but will walk out with improved skills that they can implement immediately.”

As a 24-year veteran at Richardson Sales Performance, Dennis wears many hats with the company. As a training consultant, he is a top-level and highly skilled facilitator for world-class sales organizations across industries, as an instructional expert, he supports the design of many of Richardson Sales Performance’s programs, and as a master trainer, he takes responsibility for the development of all Richardson Sales Performance Senior Training Consultants to ensure that they are able to meet the high standards that our clients have come to expect.

dennis grieco
reuben wilson account executive

Reuben Wilson

Account Executive

“Working at Richardson Sales Performance allows for the perfect balance of autonomy to figure out problems, find solutions, and test out new ideas on my own while receiving the robust support from all of the departments, employees, and executives. Everyone from executive leadership, sales peers, and support teams are eager to assist in whatever capacity they can. Richardson Sales Performance also does not stop improving, true to the consultative approach they champion they recognize what fundamentally works and where innovation is needed. This matters because I have full confidence as a seller that my clients will, in turn, get the support they need to better their own teams. Knowing that my client’s employees are receiving the skills necessary to make them more effective, elevate their ability to provide for themselves and their families while acquiring skills that are transferable outside of work is truly a rewarding feeling.”

Reuben Wilson works with clients, across industries, to understand what works in their sales organization to layer in key practices to take their teams to the next level.