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Richardson's Sales Effectiveness System

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Richardson's sales effectiveness system is designed to define the selling skills critical to your organisation's success, develop those skills through customised sales training, support ongoing skill development and performance improvement through sustainment planning, and measure your team's progress throughout the learner's journey.

Partnering with Richardson to execute a sales effectiveness improvement plan starts with the Richardson team learning about your organisation - this is a critical step in the system because it helps your team and Richardson identify the area's where your team is strong, and where your team has the opportunity to gain the most lift as quickly as possible.

After identifying the behaviours and skills that drive revenue for your organization we design a customised programme curriculum. Customisation includes working together to determine the combination of training delivery modalities, timing, and skill focus that makes practical sense for your organisation.

In Richardson's sales effectiveness system sustainment planning is also customised. We offer sales coaching programmes that can be delivered in tandem with your seller's training to ensure your management team is equipped to reinforce the skills learned in training. We also offer a suite of customisable tools your sales coaches and managers can leverage to facilitate an actionable and fact-based coaching dialogue. Other sustainment offerings included in the sales effectiveness system are mobile reinforcement tools like Richardson QuickCheck and Accelerate that empower sellers to take ownership of their skill improvement following the training event.

Finally, what gets measured gets improved. The sales effectiveness system has built-in measurement metrics that establish a baseline, track skill improvement, and monitor business to prove ROI of training and identify opportunities for further gain.

Learn more about Richardson, a global sales training and performance improvement company focused on helping you drive revenue and grow long-term customer relationships. Our market-proven sales and coaching methodology combined with our active learning approach ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply new behaviours when and where they matter most - in front of the buyer. Get to know us and learn about how we help drive the world's most inspiring sales organisations to their next level of excellence.