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Sales Training Case Study: End to End Measurement Drives Results for Healthcare Industry Leader Wellpoint

The Challenge

The difficulty of aligning sales teams within Wellpoint became clear as early as 2004 when the company merged with Anthem. Later, the business further expanded acquiring Blue Cross, Blue Shield coverage in 14 states. The result: Wellpoint needed to develop a consistent process across all sellers. Therefore, they created five core competencies that apply to both national and local sellers. These goals required a scalable approach in which all sellers relied on the same language and methods to achieve the same results. This consistency is important because it lends itself to the kind of rigorous measurement that reveals the efficacy of sales efforts. Richardson Sales Performance devised a customised Consultative Selling and Developmental Coaching programme to upskill sales professionals and ensure manager alignment across the organisation.

The Results

The impact of training on the job, as measured by business results, reached 85% illustrating that training had a high relevancy to everyday challenges.
“Delivery” earned a score of 94% indicating the effectiveness of instructors when engaging with sellers.
“Learning Effectiveness” reached 89% representing broad skill adoption among sellers.

“I felt that the way they related the information to our everyday job was very helpful. The exercises and activities really made you think and apply the information to our real-life responsibilities.”

Sales Agent, Wellpoint