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Richardson Sales Performance Launches eLearning for Retail Bankers

Press Release

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Richardson Sales Performance Launches new eLearning for Retail BankersPhiladelphia, PA — June 30, 2009 — Richardson Sales Performance, a leading sales training, and performance improvement firm, today announced the launch of a new series of high-impact, Web-based training courses designed to help every level in a retail branch build skills, meet customer needs, and expand relationships.

Today’s Retail Banking Tellers, Personal Bankers, and Branch Managers can no longer be one dimensional – meeting only the initial need for why a customer comes into the branch.  They must also learn to listen, think, and question more effectively to identify additional opportunities to then cross-sell additional products.  Continuously nurturing and growing these existing relationships are just as crucial to success as attracting and signing up a constant flow of new customers.

Richardson Sales Performance’s new Retail Banking eLearning QuickSkills are designed to effectively meet the needs of the changing retail banking environment. Customized to the retail banking industry, this suite of 23 eLearning courses, help every level in a retail branch to strengthen and expand customer relationships. Through a series of high-impact, self-paced online scenario-based learning, participants are presented with real-life challenges to apply and practice the new skills.  The Richardson Sales Performance QuickSkills™ Retail Banking Edition includes intensive online coaching and feedback to foster skill development while helping build confidence in participants to use the newly acquired sales skills in their daily work environment. The complete training system provides just-in-time support tools and planners, as well as an interactive assessment test, feedback and scores, a personal development plan, and downloadable podcasts. The eLearning can also be blended with Richardson Sales Performance’s instructor-led programs used as seminar preparation, reinforcement of the topics covered in the seminar, or to provide continuing development.

“For Retail Banks, it’s all about customer loyalty and nurturing relationships – continuously growing existing relationships while attracting and securing a constant flow of new customers,” says David DiStefano, Richardson Sales Performance President, and CEO. “Our new Retail Banking eLearning suite is a comprehensive, on-demand tool that every Retail Banking Organization should use to develop the customer-facing skills of their Tellers and Personal Bankers, and coaching skills of their Branch Managers to ensure that customer needs are being met and relationships are grown and nurtured to their fullest potential.”

About Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance develops customized and comprehensive sales training and performance improvement solutions for sales, sales management, and customer service professionals that integrate with an organization’s business strategy, sales challenges, and overall vision to improve sales skills, increase performance, and drive results. The company’s 30-year dedication to changing the behaviors of sales professionals and innovation has made Richardson Sales Performance one of the largest global sales training and performance improvement providers today. Clients around the world choose Richardson Sales Performance for their “go beyond” approach and a broad platform of customizable sales training and technology solutions. We deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end training platform that includes online diagnostics, fully customized live and online training programs, continuous coaching processes, reinforcement tools and techniques, and performance support applications. Richardson Sales Performance continues to be on the front line of sales training innovation in the development of leading-edge solutions that help clients generate revenue faster and more cost-effective than ever before.

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